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June 26, 2023

Virtual Counseling

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All Of Utah And Nevada

Not finding a center near you? No Problem.

Our Virtual groups bring clinical services to you, no matter where you live in Utah.

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Virtual Counseling In Utah Adults

Our online resources give you everything needed to improve the over all emotional environment of your home, including:

  • Virtual Resilience Groups
  • Emotional Resilience App
  • Parent Group Night
Bracken Lovell therapist in hurricane and virtual

Bracken Lovell

MFT, Director of Client Services. Bracken has worked in various roles with at-risk adolescents with anxiety and depression as well as adults with severe mental illness and addiction.

More about Bracken

He specializes in working with couples with relationship distress. Bracken takes great pride in helping others find deeper meaning and success in life. Bracken loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, and competing in sports.


Programs and Services

For Adults and Teens

Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Trauma Counseling

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30+ Adult Resilience Group

For Anxiety, Depression, Suicide

Not only younger people are experiencing anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation today.

It affects everyone, and we all need a support group to turn to.  

This isn’t just support though, it’s Resilience Education at it’s finest. You’ll learn all of today’s researched, most effective coping psychology skills with people you can relate to.

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Adolescents & Young Adults

Virtual Resilience Groups

Join The Movement

Join our Virtual Group Resilience Counseling sessions and embark on a transformative journey towards hope, healing, and emotional growth.

Discover a supportive community of like-minded youth and young adults navigating anxiety, depression, suicide, and trauma together.

Let’s break barriers, foster connections, and embrace a brighter tomorrow with emotional resilience.

Take a step forward and empower yourself with the tools and understanding needed to thrive in today’s world.

How does it work?


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Find a Resilience Program Near You

Whether a Life Launch Center is near you or not, we can get you the help you're looking for with our virtual programs and Resilience Portal.

Bracken Lovell therapist in hurricane and virtual

Bracken Lovell

Therapist - Virtual


Register for the Emotional Resilience App and Portal

Start learning emotional resilience tools from DBT, CBT, Neuroscience, and Resilience Research right now, for you and the whole family.


Start Counseling and Building Resilience

Outpatient, IOP, Groups, In-person & Virtual, Online Emotional Resilience Education. See a counselor with 24-48 hours.

We've Got
You Covered

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Insurance Coverage
IOP Benefit Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Short-Term 12 Week Program
  • Group meets 3-4 days per week
  • Individual/Family Session each week
  • Parents' Group meets once a week
  • Able to work with almost ALL insurances
  • Most Insurances cover treatement with an IOP benefit

Introduction to the Intensive Out-Patient Program

The Family Guide is an introduction to the Life Launch Centers Resilience Model© IOP program. It includes a jump start guide to your online resources, an introduction and overview of the resilience model, group rules and suggested reading list.

The success we've had with our patients over the years is inspiring!

Thousands of families and individuals have learned to to take back control of their emotions with the Life Launch Centers Resilience Model©.  Instead of waiting for anxiety and depression to take over our lives, we offer families the brain based & researched tools to successfully launch into life!

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This is the short-term program where clients really see the most progress.  “Intensive” is simply an insurance designation that means at least 9 hours of treatment per week.

It’s kinda like a college course for mental health.  This 12 week treatment program includes each week:

  • 3 Group Leaning Sessions
  • 1 Individual Session
  • 1 Parent Group

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