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May 12, 2020

The Mental Health Moment May 11th, 2020

May 11th, 2020

What it's like being a high school senior in 2020

What it's like being a high school senior in 2020

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Kennedy Bird (Winner of the 2020 Anxiety Scholarship)
Topic - What’s It Like To Be High School Senior in 2020

May 11th, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – What’s It Like To Be High School Senior in 2020

Welcome welcome to the mental health moment it’s Monday and you know what that means it’s time to take some time for your mental health I’m your host Joe Newman from life Launch Centers and this is the show where we talked about all things for your mental health help you cope and healthy ways today’s difficult emotions.  So today on the show I’ve got with me founder of Life Launch Centers Ben Harris to talk about some exciting things that we’re doing. Ben thanks for joining me today. 

It’s great to be here it’s been a minute since so we’ve been together in the studio and we’ve got some like I said some exciting things to talk about but if anyone isn’t familiar with Life Launch Centers we do group counseling for Youth and Young adults struggling with anxiety and depression you know we work with kids from ages around 11 to 26 years old and where did that work with a lot of major insurance is so treatment is covered you know this time of year there’s a lot of people going through some pretty anxious times right now what a depression going around isolation these are the things that we do best with you know then how are we navigating these group counseling sessions right now well yeah I just I just made that comment about how nice it is to be with you here in the studio but I got it I got to say for the listeners out there we are actually together in the studio we’re doing this and we can see each other and so it’s it’s good to be together but we certainly are impacted the same way everybody else has and so the way we’ve been navigating experience which for us is really the heart of of treatment for us yet most powerful form of treatment the most effective Arsenal is human connection and the best way to provide that is in in a group setting we we have the ability to do you know one-on-one therapy and that gives us some human connection of course but man when we can get you know 6/8 and 12 people in a room that are all sharing the same challenges the same burns the same struggles and the same victories the same success has the same you know experiences using tools and having it be effective and powerful and so meaningful and list wait and listen some of those challenges to a point where where we thought we might not bear them we now better than me and in fact in some ways bear them well yeah you know I mean especially the isolation Factor right now you got a lot of people still feeling very isolated even though some of the guidelines here in Utah have kind of light ended but but people still feel that isolation and like you said the human connection part is so, there’s a lot of people who sought counseling or help for anxiety depression cut about a traditional you know weekly one-on-one format but like you said the power of getting together with other people to talk about what you’re experiencing and create empathy you create understanding and the realization that you’re not alone in those feelings that’s the secret to the socks right and we’re finding Almost Doesn’t Matter age either at the the ability to connect and then help one another transcend 8. We had a great experience one time with young man 18 years old I just turned 18 but he’s a senior in high school and he’s really struggling with something and we had a a 14 year old in group in junior high and it was the 14 year old that provided the best inside support and help for that 18 year old in that process and they became very good friends and the 18 year old was able to connect him in ways that I don’t think he thought he could and certainly the fourteen-year-old was able to provide some insight and and support that he didn’t never think he could so can you imagine the confidence and and just feeling uplifted they came out of that group it was amazing you know that we do have different groups available there space available at all the groups well in Hurricane now so if you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety or depression give us a call there’s there’s a group that will fit well for them we’d love to hear from you would love to help get your loved ones to help that they need and and so that’s kind of some of the exciting things were talking about we got standard new Center’s opening up more people engaging in an increasingly Services availability so well and enjoy if I could just say two in those groups we really structured those groups around a a curriculum so it’s it’s not just a get-together and everybody kind of talk about their feelings or whatever struggles with that it’s it’s a very directed and skills focused so again coming out of their yeah you get the benefit of being able to share each other’s burdens you know the opportunity to unload some emotional baggage and and blower to stress levels and things like that but man you walk away from these groups with practical wheel tools that work in your everyday life all they’re going three times a week so it’s like it’s like a college course for how to overcome anxiety where they are learning these these tools putting them into practice together in group and Come Away with some real life skills that’s the whole about that too is it in this day and age and our world where we really don’t talk a lot about this when these people are coming out of group they’re coming out like professors in a college course I mean they are coming out with very Advanced understanding and knowledge in advance and they share it and it blesses their families lies it it really is powerful so what other really exciting saying that I don’t know if anybody’s been on our website recently iPhone you’ll see this but we’ve been for the last couple of months putting out their scholarship that we decided this year we would offer because you know there have been reports from the CDC that one in three kids have anxiety and so we figured probably a lot of kids out there who can relate to you know how anxiety is affecting them in their life and school and so we put out there we wanted to just kind of give back to the community in and put $1,000 scholarship out there we call it the anxiety scholarship so over the last few months we’ve been promoting that in the school and we had 24 applicants of it what what they had to do is prepare a video 30 to 90 seconds in length telling us about how anxiety affects them where in what ways does an anxiety hold them back in life and so just this week we were able to you know choose the winner of the worthy recipient of that scholarship and so today we’ve got her on the show with us her name is Kennedy bird she’s a graduating senior from Springville High School and received the 20/20 anxiety scholarship from Life Wellness Center so Kennedy thank you so much it was just recently announced a few days ago how are you feeling about receiving the $1,000 anxiety scholarship yeah how to stuff happens to other people and it hasn’t really hit me yet but hopefully it’ll hopefully will hit you when you get that check in the mail and you got out of you. Put it towards your tuition or housing or whatever and you’ll be like Aquaman that was yeah I think definitely don’t tell us a little bit about yourself Kennedy tell us about why you submitted for the anxiety scholarship I submitted for the scholarship cuz I connect to it I’ve struggled with anxiety for a really long time and it was making a video and I’ve also been doing that for a really long time so I kind of just connected Austin went for it that’s awesome so I got to I got to congratulate you as well as encourage every year you’re coming on the radio show you were on the awards show the other day and sometimes being on camera in front of a microphone could be kind of you don’t understand some eggs iety and and your your ability to do this even though you know the struggle with anxiety shows how you really are so very good job so tell us a little bit about your video and what you know of anybody wants to see this video it’s so good it’s on our website at lifelong was on our YouTube channel but tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your video I what I like the listeners to understand where you’re coming from yasso in the require be creative and I’m super musical I love to write songs. Of course that was the first thing I thought to do and I just worked on this song I decided to write it and so are you play the piano. Over top of the video that I made the recording quality is really good I’m I’m actually the piano that I see you as well and it’s hard getting that right to your recording and then the way that you mix it together with the creative footage that you use tell us a little bit about your inspiration behind the the footage and the shots that you chose so for me personally anxiety makes me feel like I’m underwater and like I can’t breathe so I chose some videos that I took actually last year of that are underwater and there’ll be like jumping into the water and then slow motion so I thought that was fitting and then about halfway through the video when the song starts talking about how to heal you can see the camera list out of the water and then it shows things in the sky and it shows nature and if there’s hope but then at the end of the video I end the song by saying it’s okay to her and he’ll because what is real so the camera goes back under the water because what anxiety is real so the world is closing in on you I love that symbolism with the water Thursday in slow motion and and all of that stuff really awesome it elicited an emotional connection to it that it didn’t happen a lot of the other videos I’ve been curious that you don’t you were very limited we gave us a very short time for these videos to run how long is longer than the 90 seconds no I just wrote the 90 seconds of the song for the scholarship so I imagine some day that might even you might even develop it out even more just how real it is I can feel the sincerity and how much you understand those feelings personally so it’s very powerful. You know what I got to go to a break here but we’re going to come right back with Kennedy bird winter of our anxiety scholarship 2020 and we’re going to talk a little more about what it’s like being a high school senior during these crazy times will be back in a minute do you have a problem with Dawson again man I thought he would rather this but he lied to us all the time and just sits in the basement playing video games he says he’s even got anxiety I mean what the heck is that anyway really that hard come on you know what really is different for kids these days huh what did you guys do to help calves it was like we thought it was just a personality but really we just needed to learn some emotional tools tools like what like what it means to be emotionally hijacked how to talk out the stories in your head and really the distress tolerance tools out the time interesting you can actually overcome anxiety and depression in just two to three months with group counseling at lifelogic Centre don’t wait until they fail in life given the tools they need to successfully launched into life start by calling 833-803-3883 

Welcome back to the Mental Health Moment I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers today I’ve got with me Ben Harrris founder of Life Launch Centers with me as well and we’re congratulating the winner of our 2020 anxiety scholarship her name is Kennedy Bird from  Springville Utah. Kennedy thank you again so much for being with us on the show no problem so you don’t think I’m a little bit weird for high school seniors these days I can only imagine what that’s like can you tell us a little bit about how anxiety has played into your school especially this year anxiety has played a really big part in my schooling because it either really pushes me to do well or really holds me back there’s no telling what it’s going to be on what day so it’s kind of just a roller coaster of never knowing what’s going to happen and that’s been especially hard with everything going on and having to work on school from home yeah there’s just been a lot of changes and it’s all happened really fast so I feel a lot of us haven’t really come to terms with that yet but yeah so you feel that’s pretty common among your peers like other High School seniors what’s your what do you find from your classmates or your friends you know Heather feelings what are your feelings about the way the school year is wrapping up we’re not the biggest fans of it I feel like we’re all pretty good sports about it we understand that it’s important to stay safe and that’s more important than having fun and partying and all that so I think we understand but it’s still pretty hard for all of us so how is Springville High School doing graduation do you know yeah we’re doing I’ve been able to manage my schedule pretty well that’s awesome so you’re the winner of the anxiety scholarship $1,000 covid-19 you can’t you’re coming up to a big transition tell us tell us about your future educational plans all right theater teacher hey that’s great southern Utah has a great place to be excited and you know what kind of transitions into college life are you a little bit nervous about are you maybe a little anxious mostly just the nervous about those social aspect of it as I’ve lived in the same house my whole life and I’ve known the same people as grown up together like kindergarten to senior year some of my very best friends and now we’re all going in different ways and I won’t really have my bodyguards I guess to protect me so I’m I’m pretty nervous about that you know what that was my favorite part about going to college is that in high school you really like you said you’ve been with people for a long time you got to know everybody’s kind of like put you in a specific category or place right when you get to college and there’s so many people that it’s like a fresh start and honestly it could be really refreshing for a lot of people because at the time were they get to really choose who they want to be and that’s a real powerful thing to realize that that that you have that opportunity so get involved in and stay close to the good principles that you’ve learned and how to cope build relationships with other people and you’ll do great so do you know are you aware of for you know the anybody out there you know that depression what do you do to help or what resources are you aware of that can help them 4 resources are most mostly just use local stuff like school counselors and no parents even if they need to be involved and obviously life life centers thank you for that flag that’s kind of yeah I would like you said staying in touch with your family is huge state of Texas red huge ships at College which means some of your old ones might not have as much time for but I’d like Ben said earlier it really does boil down to that she would connection so whatever you do do to help build those connections do a you know I’ve got to kind of wrap it up here but I really love to take Kennedy for being on the show with us today thank you for all you’re doing to work through your anxieties and it all that you’ve done to help Inspire others to do the same you’re awesome Kennedy thank you so much I really appreciate that absolutely like I said earlier the show last half we’ve got some availability in our groups for all the listeners out there we’ve got a sitter in West Jordan which kind of services the Salt Lake County area we’ve got us are here in St George that’s are our Flagship Center and then we also just recently opened one in Hurricane and so that kind of gives some more availability to do some of the smaller communities and that’s what we’re hoping to do is bring this powerful curriculum transmitting community Education that they need to build resilience you know there’s a mental health crisis that’s just bubbling underneath all of that in and so I’m hoping people instead of allowing it to become a full-blown crisis will reach out and and does she some help in and even just to consult her to ask a few questions and I think if we can do that we we may be able to avoid some of the ugly stuff in the future.  Absolutely so if you or your loved one is just overwhelmed with anxiety depression isolation or any other difficulty motion please give us a call at life launched hitters the number is 833-803-3883 we’re happy to do a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you know what would be the best course of action for you or your loved one so you can jump on our website at Life Launch Centers. There’s a lot of great resources on there that can help you get some ideas to know where you’re at on that section but again best way to give us a call at 833-803-3883 this is Joe Newman signing off from Life Launch Centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity you’ve been listening to them it’ll help moment 

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