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April 2, 2020

The Mental Health Moment March 30th, 2020

March 30th, 2020

COVID-19 Mental Health Solutions

COVID-19 Mental Health Solutions

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Justin Keate - Principal at Desert Hills High School
Topic - COVID-19, Social Distancing, Home Schooling. What parents can do to help maintain good mental health during COVID-19 quarantines

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March 30th, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – COVID-19 Mental Health Solutions

Welcome, Welcome.   It’s Monday and time for the mental health moment.  I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers, and on this show we talk about all things for your mental health.  Wow, so much has happened since we aired 2 weeks ago. Can you imagine what it would be like if you had been up at a cabin or something cut off from world communication for the last 2 weeks and then you come back and find the current global state of affairs?  I don’t think any of us could have imagined that our social and emotional state could have changed this much this fast. Well this show couldn’t have come fast enough. I’ve been dying to get on the mic and talk about some things that we can do to help us get through COVID-19 mentally.  With all this displacement and uncertainty children and adults alike are experiencing higher levels of anxiety, depression and other difficult emotions on a massive scale more than ever. With all of this government mandated social distancing we’ve all had to make adjustments, and we’ve been talking about the emotional impacts of isolation on this show for the last year, and now we’re isolating more than ever as a society to try to get this coronavirus thing under control. 

Today I’ve brought back a previous guest Justin Keate principal of Desert Hills High School, and as we’re trying to practice social distancing here rather than bring him in the studio we have on the phone joining our show.  Justin thanks for being with us today.  

Oh thank Joe, excited to be back on the show it’s great to talk with you today man I can only imagine how this social distancing has affected you and your world and in education I know there’s a lot of parents out there feeling the effects mentally of all this isolation and social and the students as you perceive the best far yeah I’ll tell you what it’s just it’s been an amazing thing to see it’s really been inspiring honestly to see teachers and basically an entire system do a complete shift in a short amount of time and still continue to function as best we can to help students and and it’s working and it’s going well but to have education continue but spring break and come back and teachers just pulled together and and it’s it’s going I mean it’s been a few things but it’s going really well so far I think there is some worrying some heightened anxiety for sure but the communication has been really good I’ll tell you what teachers miss the kids so it’s a little little lonely there at the school we still go in and and it’s just it’s different but the teachers the teachers miss the kids everybody’s concerned mostly that the anxiety been awesome to see how teachers and the entire district and support staff of really rally Empire has happened so well and so quickly has been just awesome to be a part of this stuff and and so it’s been a little bit overwhelming for us but we have been impressed as that started and it took a little adjustment like you said my wife had to you know schedule kids time and you know make make some things make some accommodations to get everybody in the remote learning in but I tell you that school district and each school has really stepped up to to make these accommodations for the you know the better physical health of the community and it is really want to thank you and applaud you for for the amazing efforts you’ve all been going to going to say you mentioned how like the teachers Miss the students and I love that because there really is a power to the being physically together and I think maybe that did you feel like that’s part of what’s what they’re missing or you know what how is that physical distance Daniel Tiger distance learning in through online being together in the classroom is you know there’s a little bit of you know it’s it’s it’s a different feel and there’s a different connection that’s there so I think I think students and teachers are both you know the feeling. A little bit and and maybe that’s something I’m excited for something that they really don’t take for granted the kid being here and there is that. Positive connection that you get at working with students in the classroom but it’s just not there right now so that’s very palpable in the building Joker in a funny thing that kids feel like they want to get out of this last like this last week where kids weren’t able to go to school at all of my kids have expressed how much they loved going to school and like you said you’re not taking it for granted anymore in really like we’ve been talking about for the last year about how being physically present with people is so important for our mental health we in in those situations we experience that production of oxytocin the long-term happy hormone and you know when we are denied that our situation is such that we’re not producing as much oxytocin then we feel a drag we feel you know the the the lack of it and so there really is a physical presence and and I just thank heavens for the technology that we have that can get us through this time and I think everybody is really looking forward to the time where we are physically close to our friends and family the ones we love and not have to worry about the you know the physical implications of it been actually it reminds me of a you know about a quote by Abe Lincoln actually who’s very quotable amazing president though he said he said the past are inadequate for the stormy present occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the occasion as our cases new so we must think Anew and acting new I like to think now that is more relevant than ever the occasion is piled high with difficulty we have to rise to the occasion or cases new so we have to sync new and ask new and we’re singing happen all around with this thing and and it’s honestly it’s exciting it’s a little nerve-racking and I know it’s been a little bit of a stress for kids on finger finger or getting a little more no doable at this point but I love that quote that you shared because it really does talk about how you have to endure some hard things in order to grow and resilience about the amazing out, this whole experience will have on the entire Community where everybody will be able to look back and be like you remember the coronavirus and when we had to be isolated it was something on their shoulder as a badge of honor that they got through this hard time it’ll give them strength that we can get through this next thing too and so I love how that you know there is a lot of increased anxiety and depression out there I hear a lot of parents and students talking about just the uncertainty of world conditions and and really there’s it takes a lot of mental fortitude to be able to put those anxieties kind of a side and look at the strengths and the progress that we are making in our current condition and you know thanks to you and and other people focus on the positive is there is a lot of positive happening yeah yeah I agree I think one important thing for parents right now to see if you touch them out his keep keep the kids energy High you know I think it’s there if there if they have a structure they have a David oyelowo different and feel a little different but control the things that you can keep your energy high this time a lifetime you know and I thought you have find some alive time in this isolated time right and even though we’re trying to be physically distant still still try to find ways to be social social with physical distance and time and I think you have a golden opportunity with your kids as a parent and also as a student who may be at home to find Productive creative ways to use your time to learn new things to try new things to grow like you said I think our challenges you don’t introduce us to those strengths that we have that we may not may not have known even about ourselves and it’s a great opportunity so find a good by the opportunity and all this in love that keep your energy high and I think your parents can find ways to help keep their energy High through some structures some physical activity learning new things during things different than we will get through this like you said how critical life skills and lesson floor this time together but stick with me we’re going to be back in just a minute I’ve got to take a break here but if you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety depression anger or isolation now really is the best time to get help the group counseling program at life wants centers works wonders for people that have tried therapy and didn’t find help you know right now run group through the state approved Telehealth video conferencing platform and thank heavens that why we’re not able to be physically together we can at least continue the power of group through technology and these groups help Youth and Young adults really overcome barriers and and find that they’re not alone it helps them open up and they are able to learn these proven principles from the curriculum that are these emotional tools they need to successfully cope with difficult emotions so so don’t wait give us a call free 15 minute phone consultation and we can help strategize with you what would be the best course of action to help your loved one the numbers 833-803-3883 next apple come right back with Justin keep talking about how we can manage anxiety and isolation during this time of remote learning will be back in a minute.

Weclome back to the mental health moment, This is Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers today we’re talking about this crazy coronavirus isolation and anxiety and everything is alright a society today in to help out I brought Justin Keate principal of Desert Hills High School on with us he’s joining us by phone. Justin thanks again for joining us to be here you know that the first half we talked a little bit about the you know the the difficult parents and kids to help you know what, take these difficult times but we want to get kind of into some specifics this half you know like what what things parents can do at home to help maintain strong mental health and you know the First on First on our list or on mind here is to have structure how important this remote learning yeah Joe I think honestly structure is critical to success their kids really thrive on a schedule and they need some type of framework to work within their already used to that at school and as much as they think it would be fun to have just free time to whatever they really don’t they really don’t need that they really don’t want that I know what the school were trying to stick to the schedule is closer we can you know modifying some things but to have the kids stick to a structure or framework that is that is close to what their you still had to remind nights you don’t know what we still have bedtime we’re still going to wake up Dad still has to go to work and these things have to you know we have to maintain a semblance of a structure for them to ultimately to be happy because when they’re out of that structure there’s uncertainty there’s you know heightened anxiety there’s so yeah the structure is so critical and I mean what is that even structure look like well the other day you know if my wife was kind of a little bit overwhelmed with all this that we had to you know make make accommodations for was like hey it’s time to pull out the old you know pen and paper and write up a schedule for these kids like this is a time where the kids are going to do their homework because we only have one computer we have to stagger that and so at to this child’s going to be on the computer doing the remote learning at 10 this child’s going to be doing the remote learning and then fill in the other activities other things that help keep them in a good structure and and one of which we were talking about a little bit during the break which is physical activity how important is that right now oh I think it’s huge too especially a home and we’re maybe they’re limited to going out to certain places that they’re used to you know something that we really each and push a lot of the school is movement equals learning you know we know when kids are moving that they’re you know the juices are flowing the blood flow to the brain one one cool thing is I would absolutely have your kids take breaks as often as they can be shown that learning is enhanced when they can move and then sit down and concentrate for short amounts of time and then up and move again until the timer ends like a gardener would do and then also have you no be able to bounce out without and move around and take a break I’m study showed us the most successful routine with students even at school the teachers are changing things up in the classroom about every 15 minutes we teach to have a transition you know sometimes to four questions or the working division on something now we’re going to watch this video clip on this and then we’re going to ship it out so you know honestly every now and then have them up and moving around and take a break from think about things that you can transition to so they’re not just stuck in one thing they’re their brains and their attention span is is the princess and pretty short anyway or do you need some more classroom standing death how are they can stand and do their work or instead of a hard chair or they can fidget and move around a little bit while there oh my God is awesome lots of brake dust also great time we’ve had our kids at everyday participate in a little bit of physical exercise where they’ll either do you know run a mile around the neighborhood block or they’ll do some calisthenics rice sit-ups push-ups pull-ups those kind of things as in whether you have the equipment at your house or not really all your body provides the weights some actual physical exercise along with the physical movement that you’re doing during learning time so is critical for maintaining got to move and they got to be doing something different every 15 or 20 minutes unique time for parents and kids to connect on a different deeper more meaningful level than maybe ever before I mean think about the amazing time this is where so many of the things in life that take up our time have been eliminated like sports and activity and lessons and you know a lot of that stuff people have had to have had to forgo right now and so we have all this extra time together and what a what a beautiful time it is that we would be able to spend some more meaningful time in deep conversation how does that affect you know in your in your expertise in education Justin how critical is the parent-child relationship to the student’s success yeah I think it’s huge too honestly the kids kids need that support from home kids do kids want to do well in school and when they have that support structure at home that’s a huge for my think during a challenging time like this it’s important that now and it’s like a gift it’s been it’s been awesome to spend more time you know with my own kids are we haven’t had you know how to run the soccer and dancing and the other activities of the school that may take me away but this this is a great opportunity here and I think I think another thing to think about for parents is have open vulnerable conversations with your students with your kids and let them know your show empathy and let them listen to what they’re saying to you and it’s okay to not have all the answers that are neither did you say you know hey I’m a little nervous now. If you know but we’re going to get through this and you know the listing and understanding but I think control the things you can control is the big thing you know love love what’s happening I don’t get caught up in you must have the meteor or griping or whining about the situation now this is you know it’s a great chance for us to connect the understanding be vulnerable with them and and that together time is going to be huge for them just as a whole person but absolutely plays into how well they do in school on the end and knowing that they have that support and structure and a listening ear and understanding from a parent is going to be huge for these kids during this time I’ve got a big announcement to share with you I haven’t told you about this yet but has been running a program that we that we teaching a group on this tier one level where you guys been using it in your 10th grade health class is a program to be at home now for your students and you’re going to provide that for the next month while parents and students will be able to engage in that in that emotional learning curriculum at home to really help bring those principles and that conversation in the home and so I want to let you know that we’re trying to do everything we can to help help address the mental health of the students really appreciate all that you guys have been doing too well that’s awesome to hear John just to those of validator maybe for that you know we’ve reviews on our health class at the school that is an amazing curriculum of life skills and social most burning in mental health. It’s so exciting to hear and we have absolutely love that at the school it resonates with every kid on some level and nothing but positive and I thank you again for all that you’re doing and I wish the best of yet as the school year continues here through the last quarter thank you I appreciate the opportunity good luck kids and parents and we’re thinking about you and we miss you so good luck and we’ll get through this not able to be physically together we can at least continue the power of our group together and Sr group through technology and these groups really do help Youth and Young adults overcome barriers and really help him open up and realize that they’re not alone in their struggles so if you or your your loved one is really struggling with a give us a call we do a free 15-minute phone consultation and we can help strategize with you what would be the best course of action to help your loved one again that number is 833-803-3883 this has been your mental health moment join us again next time right here on St George news radio this is Joe Newman signing off from Life lunch centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity.


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