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February 18, 2020

The Mental Health Moment March 2nd, 2020

March 2nd, 2020

Hyperbarics & Mental Health

Hyperbarics & Mental Health

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Stephanie Parrish - Founder and CEO of Vibrant You Hyperbaric Oxygen & Light Center
Topic - What are hyperbarics? How does it work, and how can it positively impact your mental health?

Vibrant You Hyperbaric Oxygen & Light Center

March 2nd, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – Hyperbarics & Mental Health

It’s mental health Monday and time to take a moment for your mental health.  This is the Mental Health Moment, the show where we talk about what we can do to improve our mental and emotional well being. I’m your host Joe Newman, from Life Launch Centers where we help families find answers for life’s difficult emotions through group counseling.  Parents, youth and young adults, get to come together and see they’re not alone in their struggles. Many, many families are overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, social isolation, and we present education in those groups of how to grow resilience.  Resilience in families, resilience in relationships and especially emotional resilience. I want to start by inviting all the listeners out there, if you or a loved one is struggling with depression, isolation, or if anxiety has taken over your lives, there is help.  It doesn’t have to be a life long thing you deal with, but rather you can learn the emotional skills or tools to actually overcome these hard emotions. I’ve had some recent comments on Facebook and other forums, people expressing the idea that anxiety isn’t something you just get over, that people that have it are going to have it their entire life, Well, that’s the amazing thing about current resilience training.  These are evidence based tools, research proven methods to overcome debilitating anxiety, depression and other difficult emotions.These tools include mindfulness, resilience, how to maintain balance in life and building healthy connections. True you will still feel anxious in life often.  That’s supposed to happen, it’s part of building resilience, but these tools prevent those anxious feelings from overtaking you and preventing you to engage in life.  If you’re ready to kick anxiety and depression to the curb, simply give us a call at 833-803-3883.  If you want to learn more you can also jump on our website at, there’s a lot of great info on there including the archive of all of these radio shows that talk all about our resilience curriculum and tips on how to address many of the major mental health risks out there. Again the website is I’ve got a special guest talking about some innovative ways to maintain good mental health.  Stephanie Parrish, founder and CEO of Vibrant You Hyperbaric Oxygen & Light Center. Stephanie, thanks for coming on the show today.

I’m so happy to be here thank you for the invitation and you know hyperbarics is this really interesting thing I’ve just recently kind of discovered thankfully that you actually invited me over to the side I got to experience it for myself and thank you for coming it was amazing you know tell me just for the listeners and the audience out there tell me a little bit about what are hyperbarics oh absolutely I’d love to discuss this before I get into that I want to thank you so much for what you guys do over at last month’s centers I think it is an amazing amazing addition to what you do I and my family have dealt with the mental illness the stressed suicide attempt and there are a lot of great resources in the community and acting educating the community about how to get help what different treatments are available is what what drives what we’re doing right now education education so for me being able to educate here today thank you for that opportunity because people here about hiperbarica a lot now it’s getting more and more prevalent out there in the community thank goodness but a lot of people don’t understand what it is absolutely so what I would like to explain his when you go into the Hyperbaric you’re going into a hyperbaric chamber kind of person change that name so you don’t have to call my goodness on your back or your side you can sit up we have a client that came in a couple years ago and she’s sitting there Crush crochet what is this song because when your body your breathing in oxygen those oxygen molecules attached to the red blood cells in the body when you go under Hyperbaric pressure at one point three atmospheres absolute Dallas key at that level 1.3 atmospheres absolute and that is considered mild Hyperbaric when you go to that level your body is producing a devel millions of extra oxygen molecules these extra oxygen molecules do not attached to the red blood cells those are full they already have their job what they are going to do is dissolved in plasma when they dissolve into the liquid plasma now they’re able to be carried in the cerebal fluids and the spinal fluid and all the liquids in the body and this is where they get to get into those little tiny nooks and crannies that they do not get to get to when they’re on the red blood cells I never had any thought the red blood cells were too big to get into but it is so when you’re in Hyperbaric and now it’s at the very cellular level is auction is oxygen is being taken into those very cells because it’s under pressure that’s what Hyperbaric means is more pressure when is Under Pressure that oxygen is being forced into those tissues is being forced into the cell it doesn’t have a choice it’s got to have to take that oxygen and when it gets that oxygen what happened to start oxygen is what brings nutrients to the cells and transports the waste away from the cell have any kind of injury in your body in or inflammation from anything you’ve got a narrowing of blood vessels so when those blood vessels narrow those oxygen molecules can’t get through or they get into very slowly and a lot of times what causes the disease or what’s happening in the body why it’s not functioning the way it needs to be cuz the oxygen can’t get through when the oxygen can’t get through so what we get to do is we get to go in and we do something very specific in our clinic and that’s called the polychromatic light therapy we put light therapy we use blue red and near-infrared right over the injury or whatever is happening if we’re dealing with concussion or stroke or heart liver lungs whatever it is that we’re dealing with replace those lights directly over that space and what that does is because they’re set on the rife frequencies they’re actually going in there and when that’s happening while you’re in the hyperbaric chamber we’re able to 100% more oxygen to use the microcirculation after then we get to stick your hand in his awesome little machine and it’s going to micro circulate and what that means is that forcing know I love it’s crazy I mean we’re talking very physical kind of application of treatment here and but yet this show is it’s a mental health moment right A lot of people at least things are separated they think that you know physical and mental are two different things that we see how delicately and crucially tied together they are so so much you know I I deal with this all the time and I have a lot of people that come in with stress with anxiety with concussions was Strokes with heartedly everything you know but what we do in our Clinic is we don’t diagnose we don’t you know we we find out what their health issues issues sit scuse me situations are but we don’t diagnose what we do is support the body to repair itself and what we do is give the tissues and the organs it seems that it needs to be able to do that which is Like Oxygen I love it when we place those items in the body and the body knows what to do with it it’s not going to care if you’re having a mental health issue or if you’re having a back issue or what is going to do is going to go into the body and micro circulate that oxygen and that light and open everything up so the body can pair I you know the physical health is so closely tied to our mental health and you know we see a lot of people out there that their anxiety or depression or is often related to some physical condition that they struggle with absolute and when you can get their body corrected or help those those that help it heal itself in a lot of times these mental issues will also start to decide a little bit or do you know make it a little bit easier. 

I’ve got to take a break here, but if you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety, depression, social isolation,  now is the best time to get help. The group counseling program at Life Launch Centers works wonders for kids that have tried therapy, but it didn’t help.  Group helps them open up, realize they’re not alone in their struggles, and the proven curriculum teaches them the tools they need to successfully launch into life. So Don’t wait, give us a call we do a free 15 minute phone consultation and we can help strategize with you what would be the best course of action to help your loved one.  The number is 833-803-3883. Next half I’ll come right back with Stephanie Parrich and more about how hyperbaric oxygen can help improve our mental health. We’ll be back in a minute. 

Welcome back to the mental health moment I’m your host Joe Newman from Life launch centers today I’ve got in studio with me a special guest talking about some innovative ways to maintain good mental health Stephanie Parrish from vibrant you hyperbaric oxygen and Light Center Stephanie thanks again for joining me find sniper barracks and I’d love to hear some stories like some some of the successes that you had in your Center what what have you seen as far as people coming in with mental health issues like anxiety depression even autism you mention one of the things that I my Mantra in my office is quality of life support people ask me all the time when I was involved with my husband suffered from severe mental health issues and he chose not to get help and and it was very frustrating for me because I’m like I need to help you but I know what I love to do is just bring people in that want to be helped and it’s such a pleasure having people come in because they want to be helped absolutely right so most of my clients no matter what they’re coming in for they’re almost always tell me that they just have mental Clarity I’m not foggy anymore and usually one time that helps but we want to do is consistently enough so that becomes not right so with we have treated worked with children with from age 18 months old and our oldest in the clinic has been 96 that’s awesome that every range in between and we have had everything from autism to alzheimer’s dementia a cerebal palsy cystic fibrosis you name it we’ve had it in there and it’s been phenomenal to Watch What Happens so for a lot of my kids that come in and we’ll specifically talked about kids and teens I’ve had so many children in there with cerebral palsy which is really really crazy crazy thing that they have because of lack of oxygen right so when you can get the oxygen back in there I have one of my boys that was 15 years old just love this boy he came in with his mother who has some very severe back issues and it took three of them to get him in there he was he couldn’t talk is completely he would just Mumble like you would talk I asked his mom I said what if you could choose two things to see happen with your son what would those be as I really wanted to get really would love to be able to hear his voice is 15 years old so bringing this and every day and they were so she hasn’t ruptured discs those were relieved it was awesome about 20 sessions 25 sessions in this young man gets out of the chamber and he would say he’s had his little laptop in there and he was doing a little animals love you I supposed to tell him I said did you just say that you just say that and he looks back at me love you and those Longos that’s the first time I said it to you it was such an amazing. Point on a dog cat and then about two weeks after that so he said about 30 sessions he steps out and he has a stomach like he was having a stomach pain as Mom and I were looking at it was just let me take him in the bathroom and see what’s going on so she came in the sister in there with him in her eyes and she said for the first time in his life he’s 15 years old he’s felt the sensation of having to go to the bathroom and from that point on they started doing the potty training with him by the time he was done he was fully potty-trained and he had about 15 words in his vocabulary body has the amount of oxygen in exactly when we can open up those blood vessels that are being blocked their stopping leasing from happening and we get to see just tremendous things or what I was doing about 20 sessions I mean when it’s something to keep going to keep going because if is degenerating going to keep doing that a lot of time you can be a permanent you know where we’ve got oxygen in there if it’s something that has been blocked especially with Stress and Anxiety in the brain can accept the blockage but it is and sometimes it’s a developmental thing that hasn’t happened and by giving the body the nutrients it needs and I can make that development first one that I tried that had autism when he was six he wouldn’t look you in the eye he always look down he was kind of hard to understand he is he he was able to communicate but it was it was very slow and I put him in the chamber with his dad who suffer from very very severe concussion test I want to he was in the chamber about 10 or so sessions in until he gets on the walkie talkies his grandma I just color better in here since he recognized it that was huge and so we started looking at what he was doing over the course of the next 10 days and he started shadowing and using bright color oranges in the bright colors it was different in his world and then his teacher called we didn’t specifically tell the teacher communicating is playing in the playground with all the other kid he’s not just sitting in the corner and sometimes you know we we provide emotional tools be provide physical things that they do to lower heart rate and concentrate on breathing and stuff but I love that there’s other physical approaches to help give the body the nutrients it needs to heal itself like you’ve talked about and you know what as hyperbarics were talking about going into atmospheric additional atmospheric pressure inside the chambered but I would I I feel like you’re in an airplane we’re like the pressure goes up and have to pop your ears dry and your pressurizing it with are I guess so it is it’s a 1.3 out of 4 is absolute and once your prayers level out it’s about 4 to 7 minutes and you don’t feel that pressure going up and we do have a real quick before we do have a big are big mama big mama absolutely join them in the chamber absolutely this is truly amazing technology and we live in a in a day where we can not only you know experiment experiment here we see we have measurements we see progress and that’s the same thing as you know neurofeedback and all these different kind of you know what services that can help us increase our or mental health 

How do people get a hold of you? so we are at and that is why I owe you by a call we would love to have you come in we always your free consultation with you and see exactly what we can do for you and that is 435-218-7260 in 435-218-7260 and yesterday with you and I’ve got a lot of ideas of how my family can benefit from your services so thank you again Stephanie, thank you so much for being on with me today. 

I’ve got to wrap it up, and I hope everyone out there got some helpful information about some of the treatments and resources out there to help improve our mental health.   If you or your loved one is just overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, isolation or any other difficult emotion, please give us a call at Life Launch Centers. The number is 833-803-3883. We’re happy to do a free 15 minute phone consultation to help you know what the best course of action would be.   The number at Life Launch Centers again is 833-803-3883. This has been your mental health moment, join us again next time right here on St. George News Radio. This is Joe Newman signing off from Life Launch Centers. Until next time keep those kids safe, and keep your sanity.

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