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July 6, 2020

The Mental Health Moment July 6th, 2020

July 6th, 2020

Anxiety Treatment & College Students

Anxiety Treatment & College Students

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Del Beatty (Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students at DSU)
Topic - What is DSU doing to help the mental health of their students and what parents can do to prepare their kids for success in college.

anxiety treatment affects graduation

July 6th, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – College Students and Mental Health

Welcome to the Mental Health Moments congratulations you made it through the Monday work day and it’s time to take a moment for your mental health I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers and this is the show where we talked about all things for your mental health we give tips and tools to help you cope and healthy ways with today’s difficult emotions and we’re talking about resilience here emotional resilience and it’s not something that comes easy it first starts of education and then we put it into practice and and that’s what we do it life lunch centers in our resilience group counseling program it’s really amazing clients and their families come three to four times a week just like a college course to learn a healthy emotional tools and have a chance to put them into practice with the group and at home and speaking of college courses today I’ve got a very special guest assistant Vice President and dean of students at Dixie State University Del Batey. Del thanks so much for being on the show with me today. 

Yeah, My pleasure, I’m excited to be here with you. So just to help our listeners out there understand a little bit what is your role at DSU as the dean of students of your job and I explained it that I’m sort of the liaison resources they need to talk to him about that so you interact with the students with the students that’s why it’s the best job special person to fulfill that role and understand a little bit about your your personal background maybe with both your family and and work and would what inspires you to want to do this and I loved it here after serving a mission for my church I came back bad way to transfer later met my wife she was from La Verkin she actually Santa Dixie State as well and 4 days 3 nights congratulations absolutely my daughter was here and so is my wife so what what inspired you to want to get into this line of work that you’re in and and be Hands-On with students for all this time and the student affairs division we are pretty much all the things that are associated with classes by using I’m health and Counseling Center we have student government and Campus Recreation under the division of student affairs and so in that division one of the things that it attracts me most is that we’re trying to learn the Intruder education because I love that is as you read generation research you find out that you know the Millennials really and moving forward they don’t socialize well and they big their sewing just technology and media which I can be beneficial but they don’t they don’t we see parents that step in and try to your parents or parents we deal with that Lifeline centers where a child maybe hasn’t had the opportunity to go through hard things you know it’s interesting to give a lot of lip service to what hard things are but it’s hard to really I think Define in today’s he’s of culture just like we have so much luxury and ease in our life that you know hard things are really kind of like a normal everyday things like for example going and talking to a teacher about a grade or at a store some some discrepancy you know that you know years ago was just expected that if you had a problem with your teacher Jew or Swim as the student would go talk to the teacher but it seems like parents are just over involved in something like that and not giving their their student opportunity to be independent and express their you know their own abilities and and the parents Express the confidence in the by letting him do that costume in my office so several semesters ago who came in and said I switch my class I realized that I inadvertently signed up for the wrong science class I need to switch biology 2 chemistry of chemistry to biology class and the last day to drop classes was like day before yesterday but they said that you have the ability to change that allow me to do I need to talk to the professors and make sure so I said give me a second and I’ll come back after your next class so he left I called the professors and talk to them you came back and I said well lucky for you that the planets of a line and they’re both professors are going to let you make this change and I said so you need to get over right now to the registrar’s office you got about 40 minutes until the end of the day and we’re going to let you make the change today yeah it all today you asked me to do that the problem is is the college student adults right so I really can’t do without talk to my mom first entire semester in a class that he didn’t need anyone have to then take the class again another semester you was afraid of moving forward without the permission of his mom even though he’s a 21 year old adult the reason why is because the parents had always have the concept for him do you need to have this conversation with your son or daughter because I only deal with the student I love that example because you know it it kind of illustrates how this generation really does feel like they can’t move forward or do anything without their parents inside influence and and permission even in adult years and it wasn’t too long ago that the more General attitude was that we want to prepare our children to be independent adults as soon as possible and traumatic increase in the number of students in college that need mental health services they’ve never had to face because when they start getting to something hard and that lime write happy happy child has never learned that sometimes were happy and sometimes worse at the sadness is part of life as well they need to go watch that Inside Out movie so we have to and then they overwhelm us at our house in counseling centers they need you know because they say a line I have allowed them to do challenging difficult you’re not right and you mentioned some resources at the college offers and I want to get into a little bit about that I got to go to a quick break here though and you know if if you’re not familiar enough for the listeners out there if you’re not familiar with what life on standards does or what you know we work with Youth and Young adults 11 to 26 years old struggling with anxiety depression isolation or other difficult mental health conditions and when most parents are looking for help for anxiety they usually first think of finding a therapist and going to an individual counseling session once a week often for 6 months or a year or even more the difficulties of the kids usually doesn’t want to go or they kind of feel broken or that they’re weird for having to see a therapist and well that’s why I group counseling is the most effective and Powerful therapy groups kids see that they’re not alone in their struggles in that they’re able to really connect with other people so if you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety depression or a difficult transition in life now really is the best time to get the best part is that most insurances actually covered treatment so you’re probably already paying for it so don’t wait just give us a call we do a free 15-minute phone consultation we can help strategize with you what would be the best course of action to help your loved one overcome anxiety so that number is 833-803-3883 will be back in just one minute with assistant vice president and dean of students at Dixie State University Del Beatty 

Welcome back to the mental health moment if you’re just tuning in this is Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers in today I’ve got with me a very special guest assistant vice president and dean of students at Dixie State University Del Batey, Dale thanks so much again for being on the show with me today. What you were saying lawnmower parents and how sometimes we as parents want to make things really easy and and take care of the details for our kids and and how that’s affecting students at the University you also mentioned that there are some resources at the University you know that that can help the students with mental health concerns tell us a little bit more about that real quick just so that the listeners understand what what resources are available opportunity we do University really wants to help us strategies and techniques and help people identify triggers that things are we created that boosts Wellness Center so they help their own unique because we have the medical and the mental both are together so our students free of charge to doctors and nurses therapist we have a psychologist they can go in and get seeing a therapist that that can help with things like other things depression anxiety suicidal because like I mentioned earlier Eaton transmission apologist during High School room and what you’re talkin about the services that are here to help kind of in a in a reaction state where like has been a problem now we’re helping overcome the problem but what you’re talkin about his parents please let’s let’s give him some space so that they learn these tools before they get to college and we really we’re really trying to prevent right we approach because again everyone going to have bad days ago but we don’t want them to have that lingering depression because so far behind in her coursework but it doesn’t learn how to identify and problems solve the problems so let’s talk about that a little bit so say you got a kid in high school and you’re listening this program and you’re like okay I got to let him fail you know what is that look like how does a parent actually let them go through the hard thing and still give them support right that’s what it’s all about today we’re supporting our kids but not solve the problem for them having a problem with my teacher and my two best friends is other two girls were having a problem with the teacher and this and this and this is going on I said okay so what what’s the weather going to solve that problem and she said well as their dads are going to go talk to the teacher do that what is the first of all you can talk to the teacher and tell him about the problem you’re having and decide on develop a resolution that Santa has everyone the second thing is you can go talk to your academic advisor counselor to talk about changing a class to I love that so you you helped strategize with her but through every option is emphasized that this is something that you are going to do not me or situation this is your life you are going to do it now we’re happy to brainstorm with you and talk about the option but I’ll definitely you were going to do it we hear stories all the time I’m doing homework or them right now things are probably going to fail that test but they’re going to learn that it might have been better but I love that so you’re talking we’re talking about like Logistics and academic things here and that’s definitely one of the major you know struggles are hard things that University student is is presented and I imagine two were also dealing with some social pressures and difficulties as I mentioned earlier is because we really emphasized the need for a volunteer whatever’s going to happen so that they’re getting a social skills because they don’t know how to do that and then later that impact there be no relationship with their future spouse or partner in a relationship with an employer if they don’t know how to socialize well and so we beat them strategies does classes you can take hear know that teach you skills and how to do that so yeah those clubs and activities are really where they build their social resilience and you know unfortunately there’s a lot of you today that aren’t engaging in that and in the high school or or lower education format but that’s awesome that DSU has some of those those programs in place to at least get them in those those helpful situations when there are in a mile we want you to know people and be outside if we believe that spending time outside and I love that because I was doing some research recently came across this study that showed that children who are raised in the 80s and 90s on average went out with their friends three to four times a week and now today’s generation reports that they go out with their friends less than one time a week the rest is filled up with entertainment in isolation with digital interaction and so there’s a dramatic difference in their ability to interact socially simply because they maybe have an engagement as much and as a parent that can be difficult because you know that it is comforting it’s nice it’s easy to know that your kids safe in your home you know watching a movie or whatever but as you’re preparing them for launching in life that social time with their friends and and away from your home is absolutely critical you making some important in their life are they going to go to college where they going to go to study is alcohol or tobacco or other drugs are they going to live right back road yeah well and and it all kind of comes down at at college right when they dig it out there and their left of themselves in and hopefully they are less than cells when enforcing it feels like parents really still are overly and Gage are overly involved in their adult children their whole lives at their special and so there’s this like there’s this lie out there that’s competing for the attention of the students and it’s sort of whispered in their ears that somehow they’re uniquely greater in nature and they’re Superior to others they’ve been told her special but the problem is it’s counterfeit love and they don’t want him and I so what happens now is really when you look at it it’s counterfeit luck because I’m not I don’t want my child to spell because when they’re hurting that hurts me as a parent I don’t make go buy me some sleeping in solving a problem for them who my really trying to benefit myself I’m really doing it because I don’t want to be sad to see my parent my children so that’s why I call it is really counterfeit love if you really love your children let them learn let them struggle let them grow now it’s going to be hard for you as a parent but otherwise you’re you’re you’re you’re setting your kids upset for mental health concerns anxiety depression suicide and counterfeit love of parents have just received an increase in I’m absolutely and I love it that’s exactly what we teach in our group counseling program was one of the hardest principles that parents come upon their own to realize it that their desires to swoop in and solve problems really are born out of kind of a selfish desire to not have to go through the pain with their child feeling some Americans than ever before in 18 to 34 living living at home still with her parents and wellness what we’re hoping to do is help prepare this generation to successfully launched into life in your insights as dean of students have just been so invaluable so I just really want to thank you again for joining us today and for a sharing with us what we can do to better prepare orchids thank you thank you well we hope everyone out there got some helpful ideas about how to prepare your children to succeed in college and things we can do right now to improve our mental health if you or a loved one is just overwhelmed anxiety depression isolation or any other difficulty motion just give us a call at wife wants Tanner’s the number is 833-803-3883 we’re happy to do a free 15 minutes phone consultation to help you know what would be the best course of action about our website at life on standard, there’s a lot of great free resources there and this has been your mental health moment so join us again next time right here on St George news radio this is Joe Newman signing off from Life Launch Centers. Until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity.

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