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March 2, 2020

The Mental Health Moment February 17th, 2020

February 17th, 2020

Values & Goals

Values & Goals

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Kaden Foremaster (Producer at Canyon Media)
Topic - What are your core values and what goals will help you move in the direction of your values?

February 17th, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – Values & Goals

It’s Mental Health Monday and time to take a moment to talk about what we can do to improve our mental health I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers. This is the show to find out how to deal with hard emotions improve your mental health and find some real answers for life. I want to start by inviting all the listeners out there if you or a loved one is struggling with depression isolation or if anxiety is taking over your lives, there is help you don’t have to be to have a life doesn’t have to be a lifelong thing but rather the emotional skills professional help for anxiety or depression the first thing they do is go to traditional therapy which very helpful but often times I feel you know maybe a little bit broken and that their parents want to just fix them and so they’re very unwilling participants and that’s where the the group can see that they’re not alone in their struggles and are able to find connection with others and then the curriculum comes in and helps teach them the tools to manage their emotions long-term how to maintain balance in life in building healthy connections so if you’re ready to kick in fighting depression to the curb simply give us a call at 833-803-3883 or if you want to learn more about the program curriculum and all that you can also jump on our website, there’s a lot of great info out there including the archive of all of these radio shows that talk about our reason many of the major mental health risks out there again that websites life launch so today on the show we’re going to talk about the importance of defining your values and today I’ve got Caden joining me from from St George news radio on appreciate you being with us today and great to bounce ideas off of these got some really good inside sin and you know values seem to be the very first thing that we start with and bringing somebody into the program in order to get a real gauge on where they are mentally we have to first find out what is it in life that they value and it differs write a very much so and that’s one of the scary and kind of confusing or hard things for parents is that they want their kids to Value the exact same thing they value you know the kids are young you kind of impose your values on them sure and they are kind of you know I have to go along with the ride but the problem is I guess is as our children age and we want them to become more independent their values also become more independent is very true as mine has definitely changed you kind of have to deal with people where they’re at right now and their values where they are right now and realize that things can can and will most likely changed over their life spans so really what do you know one of the first things you do and not her resiliency model beef we first establish values and goals with teenager establish what their values are is really difficult at first it’s very ambiguous thought process for them, help them are very articulate and being able to come up with what they actually value but it is it takes a little bit of opening is about what are some things that people value you know we we have this list of core values and you know that everything from accountability achievement adventure adventure right really strive to have a high level of Adventure in my life it’s a good one but other stuff like ambition authenticity balance charity Chastity Community compassion connection dependability Duty empathy actual fun Freedom gratitude honesty humility so as you can see these are just like one word values that Express a whole you know range of ideas and motivations and that’s what we’re trying to establish with with people I think it’s also very insightful that parents often come in and they don’t necessarily have their values to find for them short you know you are able to communicate what their values are strong but you don’t parent-child spouse or whatever you communicate that value to each other the Insight understanding and empathy for each other girls that’s really what we’re looking for in our relationships right exactly connection through understanding and so we often talked about how values are like directions on a map okay like NorthEast Southwest your values serve as those kind of directions and what you’ll find is that you were most happy in life when you’re moving towards those to those values for that direction okay so if I value adventure and I’m doing things in life that don’t Supply Adventure sitting on the couch watching TV or fulfilled and so the more that we understand what our values are then we can make better choices about how we use our time yeah to help fulfill those values sure and then now I’m here with st. George’s radio and I know I’m producing a lot of stuff. That imagine that you’re at the end of your life like right now and ask yourself what did I enjoy doing the most what did I appreciate having the most what did I value accomplishing and what do I wish I had done when you look back with bills questions than you really are able to establish what things meant the most to you and it’ll give you a little bit better idea on what your values really are sore look into my life how would I look back on what’s Happening Now yeah there’s a lot of that type of stuff that I love that you brought that up because the next half we’re going to talk about and analogy that we used by values and it has to do with that same analogy of using a car as an analogy but you know this is a great conversation starter you know and that’s really where I think people that are dealing having hard time dealing with their kids with anxiety depression isolation that kind of stuff is being able to draw them out in meaningful conversation and you know the more and more that we we do this intentionally the more our kids will see that that we’re really trying to I want to connect with them and they really do want to connect with us physiological you know safe and I have to be in a place that they feel comfortable being able to to open up and share so you know I like I said I got to take a quick break here but if you are loved one is struggling with anxiety depression or social isolation now is the best time to get help the group counseling program at life lunch centers works wonders for kids that have tried therapy but didn’t get help group helps them open up realize that they’re not alone in their struggles in and a proven curriculum teaches them the tools they need to successfully launched into life so don’t wait just give us a call and we do a free 15-minute phone consultation we can help strategize with you what would be the best course of action to help your loved one so the number is 833-803-3883 next half I’ll come right back with more about how to define our values and how it’s critical for our mental health be back in a minute.


Welcome back to the mental health moment I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers talking with Kaden today about values and goals and how they’re so important to our mental health. You know when was last time you set goals? I was in the habit of little while you know where I would set goals like once a month. That’s probably you know pretty pretty good practice to have a lot of us wait for that you know New Year to have some goals established which often you know go by the wayside road but you know regularly establishing goals is part of this whole conversation in how to how to have healthy you know mental health essentially you got to start with your values like we talked about last half-year things are like the directions on a map and just like if you want to go north you have to head that direction right if you’d it if you value friendship you have to do things that’ll take you toward friendship so goals are essentially like the turns on a road that move you in that direction of your values okay so your goals if you value French land which I do that was one of my other values I set a goal this this year to extend at least two invitations to friends or family to socialize each month okay so that is a example of a goal that will help move me towards having deeper meaning full friendship sir and realizing that you know if if you’re on a long road trip you don’t just get in the in the same direction the whole time sometimes you have to take little detour sometimes you have to take different directions in order to get where you really want to go that’s the same thing with our values in our goals ultimately you have this and direction or value that you’re headed towards but you’re going to have to take little detours if your goal is to in order to get there and regularly establishing those goals realizing you’re going to take a lot of turns in your journey the same thing you’re going to have a lot of goals to achieve that. They don’t get that end destination but now you got to find that detour that’s still going to get you back on that path to that and go exactly and and your personal goals in life are going to be very similar you mean Value Independence and you want to be an entrepreneur and but you’re going to also maybe realize that some work experience is going to be one of those detours or whatever that the goal that you have to accomplish now in order to achieve your your value some of that stuff we were definitely things where you just think management to go and get into my field but you know each other by values and goals is one of the worksheet that we go through with the students to help help them realize you know what how their values drive them and it’s kind of broken down into four sections and so the first thing we talked about is having your body and your brain work together so in order to get where we’re going we as a driver must work together with the car as a unit right if the car breaks down you know we don’t get where we’re going if the driver is impaired you know we’re going to have trouble finding our way but I ain’t still the same can be said of you and your body and your brain must work together as a healthy choice of unit in order to do what you want to do and to get where you want to go yeah okay so a couple things that we do to teach how to help your body and your brain work together are tools like mindfulness meditations are really kind of popular thing right now especially with LeBron James and door seeing you know I’m very popular app that has some meditation practices and he’s pretty open about how it helps him in his you know we retire we teach these mindfulness practices as well as you know distress tolerance tools and other things that help help us learn how to connect your mind and that’s critical that we become one with that vehicle sure and there’s a lot of stuff you know the Mind likes to run around and do it something up for me personally not all the way they’re meant I like to just try to see if I can get a workout in or something absolutely sleep eating behaviors all that kind of goes into that same you know maintaining your vehicle so you know what the second part we talked about is being Guided by goals fueled by value so like a GPS gives you Direction and helps you reach your destination having smart goals will give you Direction and will help you accomplish the things you want or need to do so we teach what smart goals are right we teaching that in order to have a truly a smart goal it’s going to be specific it’s going to be measure a relevant time oriented and you know go through each of those steps with a goal so save my goal is to have a you know to get more friends right then you’d have to be specific like how many friends like put a number to it right that’s measurable also I want to have a deeper meaning relationship with two new friends this year and is that achieving sure yeah we can do that a lot of people around is it relevant is it going to help me achieve my value of friendship absolutely and then time oriented so I want to do this by the end of the year that’s that’s a really important part to help Youth and Young adults and you know all of us to realize if we have to have these smart goals not just not just wishes not just you know ideas out there but actually write them down make with sparkles so your journey to complete your goal is fuel by your personal set of values queso friendship your desire for more friendship right that’s what provides that that motivation that fuel to move in that direction and yeah it’ll help you get it’s kind of like thing the gasoline or the oil in your car that we talked about is safety and protection so in this analogy of being driven by values the car body along with its bumpers airbag seat belts are all designed to physically protect the driver in the same way your body provides physical protection for your brain there are also specific behaviors that support and protect your emotions your values help you accomplish your goals are there people you would want around you and would support and protect your values and help you accomplish your goals so we talked about like who in your life is helping you achieve these goals are the people that your surrounding yourself with helping you move in the direction of your values are they are they contributing to helping you move in that in that healthy direction and that’s a really important one I think not just for the Youth and Young adults but also who can we solicit to jump in the vehicle with us to help us move in that in that healthy the direction that we want to go and it’s really insightful cars require Main so do our minds and so healthy exercise or physical activity you know getting the proper amount of sleep and nutrition are are important part you know again it is important to realize that values change over time and it’s important establish what your current values are so in and allow our our children to be independent and their values help them explore what their values are currently helping maybe get some insight for what they will be later on I’m so much more when you understand any respected and in a work with them where they are they will really help you connect to wonders for your mental health so you know I’ve got to wrap it up here thank you so much for doing what your values are and how to help your loved ones establish what their values are have open discussions with your teens and young adults about values and it will go a long way to helping them get direction in their life if you or your loved one is just overwhelmed with anxiety depression isolation or any other difficulty motion please give us a call at life on centers the number is 833-803-3883 or happy to do a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you know what the best course of action would be the number is 833-803-3883 this is been your mental health moment join us again next time right here on St George news radio this is Joe Newman from Life launch centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity.

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