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December 9, 2020

The Mental Health Moment December 7th, 2020

December 7th, 2020

Sexting and Nudes Among Teens - Part 2

Sexting and Nudes Among Teens - Part 2

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - High School Students Avery and Mason
Topic - Unmasking the Sexting and sending Nudes culture within today's teens.

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Legal Consequences

The consequences of sexting can be life-long and negatively impact your child’s future. Nude or explicit pictures of your child can continue to circulate, both on and off the Internet, long after they were originally sent or obtained, which can have devastating psychological effects. If one of the engaged parties decides to press charges, all parties involved, including those minors who received and kept the explicit image or images, can be charged with child pornography. Worst case scenario? Your child can be taken from your home, or registered as a sex offender…for life. More


Most of this study’s participants were engaged in at least one sexting behavior in their lifetime (80.9%) and nearly half (48.5%) of all participants were currently “sextually active,” engaging in some type of sexting behavior within the past 30 days. More

Related Risky Behaviors

“We found that youths who were sexting were approximately four times more likely to be also engaging in sexual intercourse, five times more likely to have multiple sexual partners, and half as likely to be using contraception,” she continued.

Also, sexting teens were:

  • Twice as likely to have symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Two and a half times more likely to be smoking or engaging in delinquent behaviors like stealing or vandalism.
  • More than three times as likely to be using alcohol or drugs. More

More Statistics

  1. Nearly 40% of all teenagers have posted or sent sexually suggestive messages, but this practice is more common among boys than girls.[4]More

December 7th, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – Sexting and Nudes Among Teens – Part 2

Welcome once again to the mental health moment it’s Monday and time to take a moment for your mental health I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers which was founded right here in Southern Utah and today we’re doing the second part of a very important topic and that is sexting amongst teens I mean this is this show is getting real folks, like we are dragging this out here because from what I have found most parents aren’t aware of what’s going on in their kids digital world and there’s so many social implications that come along with kids being overly sexualized and being involved in sexting that I feel like this duty to get this information and awareness out there and also give you some tools and tips that you can do to actually help talk to him about it help explain the wise for them and helped to create healthy or healthier Behavior with I’m so seriously this problem is so big I know we would rather throw our heads in the sand and forget about it  and pretend like it’s not our kids but today on the show I’ve got with me to high school students right here from St George and they’re going to help us talk understand what it’s really like in the digital culture amongst teens today because honestly there’s a lot of secretive Behavior going on to help parents out of our kids digital world and we’re going to talk about how that happened so anyway I’d like to introduce Mason and Avery thanks again for joining me on the show today so once again to tell me really quickly so they audience or may not have heard that first part a little bit about yourself me what grade you’re in with a cat when what activities are involved in I’m a junior in high school right now and I’m involved in the football and wrestling team and I want to do awesome Avery tell Michelle to tell us a little bit about yourself involved in the drill team and I do a lot of things with the school in bed a lot of clubs in person paid all the games and during my senior year I guess so thanks again for this could be a difficult subject and honestly you two are great examples I think of how you’ve been able to establish good communication with your parents and that you have a healthy digital interactions and I’ve observed that personally as I know you both of you but I think that’s why I was interested in having on the show because you guys got that inside perspective to a house what like the rest of your peers are struggling with so just throw it out there again if it’s your first time tuning in here right from the right from the team about how often do you think sexting is a part of your peers world like how often or a regular does it come up in school I think it comes up pretty often I try not to associate myself with that so personally I don’t see it a lot but I know I could I will talk about it tomorrow and everyday I don’t know probably at least once a week it just depends like especially don’t like the football team I like the wrestling team all of the just like talking about allows her to knock knock her room talk yeah that’s not my favorite I can relate to that and I definitely happened said let’s be honest everybody’s ever spend any time in the locker room knows is that happens what about you every how often would you say that you hear people talking about either sending nudes receiving nudes or some some something like that where is probably people asking for them staying on the drill team a lot of girls on my team are involved in many things and you know a lot of people and so probably at least like once or twice a week or even more I am not super personally loves it but I a lot of my friends are and I can they don’t send them back but they get asked a lot and so I hear about it and just for whatever reason guys think that that’s like okay to solicit a nude from girls over text is that it’s usually over text or Instagram or what would you say is the most common way that they’re distributed actually I got to be the most common mistake and of course snapchats that platform where you only have the picture on your screen for like 8 seconds and then it disappears right but what about screenshot you can screenshot it right when it comes up and that’s often the most way that it’s redistributed if I got some interesting statistics about that it says study national campaign to prevent teen pregnancy and it said he called teenage sex things to tistics and says that nearly 40% of all teenagers have posted or sent sexually suggestive messages but this practice is more common among boys than girls now this study was done back in 2014 how old are you guys in 2014 oh my gosh I don’t know it’s probably like 10 years old so he’s got better or worse since you were where is definitely worse I’m glad I’m not glad to hear that I just I know that that’s true and it’s great to hear that’s confirmed from the people who are actually in that world so you know this the other interesting thing here is it talks about how some social indicators that come from a different study from shape America the American Journal of health education did a study about sexting and teens and what were some of the social outcomes I said that most of this study this is actually a much and you were studying goes in 2018 said most of the studies participants were engaged in at least one sexting behavior in their lifetime at 80.9% so like what you said or last show about 80% was pretty accurate for this study a half of all of those participants were currently sexting actively so like it’s part of their regular you know life. Just once in their life but they they do a regularly and it says that I got they’ve done it at least within the last 30 days so I think I think we as parents have this tendency to try to angel fly or children and make him think that like you know that we know how wonderful and awesome they are from the time they were little babies in the thought that they could be involved in something that would be so harmful to themselves and others is like like we want to pretend like that it doesn’t happen I mean let’s be honest like who doesn’t lie to their parents or he didn’t lie to their parents in a like there many times when Isaac in teeth as a teenager that I would I would try to justify my line by like they know I don’t have to tell the whole truth you know like I’m going to stay because I don’t want to let you know disappoint my parents I think it’s pretty natural thing for kids to do but parents got to recognize and realize like your kids are going to be involved in this kind of stuff and you have to help guide them through it so talking to them about it setting some accountability standards to help them through speaking about accountability standards if again if you guys hadn’t listened to the last show please go find it on our website or if it’s available on all the podcasting platforms to button part one we talked a little bit about those accountability standards how your parents were able to set up some accountability with you to help help you have healthy online Behavior with your smartphone or with your phone so tell me like what what are some things that you like your parents do to help keep you out of texting and sending nudes I’d say you’d like coming in my phone to them like at night just like putting in their room and giving it to them I know like the majority of my friends all admit to like staying up for like to just like scrolling through social media like Tik Tok and stuff and it’s ridiculous how do I know how addictive Tik Tok is like I’ve had Tik Tok and you just scroll and squirrels video after video after video and it’s crazy how fast time can go especially you know late at night when you’re not keeping track of the clock and you know you just kind of numbing to kind of sitting there doing nothing and so it may not have heard from last time but you know you don’t have a smartphone is that right and though I’ve got a dumb phone dumb switch on a down flip phone and you told me that it’s often been the topic of conversation quite often in school is like what how is that house that social pressure for you is like a little bit of social pressure just like what is my phone not being able to do as much like I don’t know I always make a joke of someone’s I go can your job this picture I can you drop it to me to get a little laugh out of it cuz I can’t airdrop or whatever as a lot of parents think like okay I’ve locked down my kids Wi-Fi access or their data access they don’t have access to the internet and so they’re not going to have enough prography or nudes or sexting is part of their world but airdrop is a perfect way that end is very commonly used to just distribute photos anonymously without without a lot of like tracking is that juice do you see that used it schools drop anything by anyone and I have an ear drop some things not super bad things but just it can be anything airdrop send photo to whoever’s there can be used for many bad things they really don’t realize is that there’s actually criminal and implications with that in fact I’ve got a coat of a break again but we’re going to come back and talk a little bit about some of those implications and some of the things that we can do as parents to help guard our kids against it so you know if you’re not familiar with life Launch centers and what we do we work with Youth and Young adults ages 11 to 26 struggling with anxiety depression or other difficult mental health conditions and it’s group counseling and it’s is so the fact that everybody knows that group is the most effective form of therapy because all the walls and barriers just melt down and in your kids they don’t have to go in and feeling like somebody’s trying to fix them they going to realize that other kids are struggling at the same things and they can get help and so that’s what it’s all about give us a call don’t don’t wait just give us a call and we’ll strategize what would be the best course of action to help your loved one the numbers 333-803-3883 will be back talking about sexting amongst teens and just one minute 

Back to the mental health moment I’m your host Joe Newman from Life launch centers talking about a really hard topics today sexting amongst teens this is kind of a taboo topic that a lot of people want to pretend like is not real but today to help us see get the real insights I’ve got with me Mason and Avery to high school students right here from St George joining me on the show today thank you so much again for being with me today guys and then like percentage of homosexual you so angry you said last time I believe that you got a phone when you were like 12 is that right what inspired your parents to say it’s time for Avery to have a phone this thing was I have a big family and I am the oldest and so I babysat a lot so it didn’t have a phone at home with me so that was the biggest thing is going from the first I didn’t have anything else on it I just had texting and calling him from she’s kind of a dumb phone but it was more fun if she’s done anything cuz most often I hear that from parents like I got to be able to communicate with my kid right that’s what they get the phone for what do you think if you were if you were to self-evaluate how often like what percentage of time do you use your phone to communicate with your parents versus everything else that you do with your phone that didn’t come from that primary purpose like I don’t like 5% communicating with my parents like 95 everything else be much we have this reason that all we need to be able to communicate with our kids so we justify the purchase of getting them a smartphone but it really only constitutes 5% of the usage of that device that’s like so I talked a lot about with my kids the difference between a tool versus a toy you know a tool have to get a specific task done in a way that you couldn’t do on your own ride like being able to communicate when you are babysitting right but then a toy is when you use that just for play and activity and time-wasting Orient Express your creativity or whatever right so I find that so fascinating that his parents were willing to give our kids of such a like potentially destructive toy to justify 5% of communication on that tool and I want you to come to think about that especially if you’re coming up to the holidays here you was considering what could I get my kid that’s going to make them really happy and believe me I I have 7 kids I feel that pressure like I want to make them just had this amazing awesome Christmas and I know that if I got the new iPhone 12 that it would be like the most exciting thing for them and they let you know they would love me but I got a hive I see their danger that come along with that especially the sexting culture the district distribution of nudes the anxiety the depression that comes along with that and I really that’s that’s the only reason why I’m not getting my kids smartphone in fact I got to tell you just how long do you guys know Collin Kartchner what was his whole thing no social media like he’s bad he’s been to your school and you may have heard that he recently passed away a couple of weeks ago so sad because just prior to him passing away he was at the Coalition against pornography event down at Dixie State University and I happen to be there as well I went and got my picture with him and a couple of my kid and his smart his his mask that he was wearing for covet. The most poignant message which is so simple and I would love to continue to to distribute but it says stop giving kids smartphones I mean this is a guy who travels the nation talking to thousands and thousands of kids about how social media and things happening on their smartphones are negatively affecting their life and their kids know it but they’re not strong enough to make wise decisions on their own yet and that’s why parents have got to get involved in their kids digital world by checking it first establish that it’s a it’s a public space the kids have to understand that everything they do online is public not private that there’s this idea that it’s secretive and then going to go away and 8 seconds and whatever but that’s absolutely untrue and the more they understand that the more they’re going to make wiser decisions especially when you check I’ve got to come and there’s just so much I could cover but there was this other study that was from on health days and pretty recent one in 2019 and 17 section can be warning signs for other risky behaviors so I said they’re quoting here from Sherry Madigan is a Child Development expert in the University of Calgary and she says that we found that youths who were sexting we’re approximately 4 times more likely also be engaging in sexual intercourse five times more likely to have multiple sexual partners and have likely to be using and half as likely to be using contraception so these are very unsafe sex practices right and they also said that texting teens were twice as likely to have symptoms of depression and anxiety which we see quite a bit at life Launch Centers and two and a half times more likely to be smoking or engaging in delinquent behaviors like stealing or vandalism they’re also more than three times as likely to be using alcohol or drugs and you know calling cartoon right now he he talked a lot about this how he would have kept when you come up to him and tell him about how they got trapped into sending nudes and then they were being bribed and said they’re eating all that you don’t send us a more explicit nude then I’m going to distribute this one in publicly humiliate you and the kids get trapped in that and often it will lead to self harm suicide or addictive behavior I mean this is like this is like not just a like a little a little thing like this can literally mean the difference between life and death for your kid and I hope it’s the show hasn’t been like like Downer I fell honestly I feel like a Duty or responsibility to get this information out there because we love our family we love our community and we love raising our family in this community and I think most people really feel that way are our primary concern and consideration is the health and safety of our family and the more that parents can realize that this is a real thing and they’ve got to pick out a start checking up on it I think the safer it’s going to help keep keep their kids so you know I am kind of interested to find out like what kind of pressures are involved for you guys in high school to participate in sex sting I know last time you mentioned that you had been solicited before you on drill so there’s a lot of cute girls lot of fun activity and you guys are all of the drills and you guys are amazing like a really top-notch performers and really amazing in ladies what do you feel a pressure like is there a pressure on the team to like participate in that desert coach is very involved in our lives in a really good way and so she encouraged us to not participate in a lot of that is the main thing we experience at least as girls getting asked things not so much us it is a struggle and it but it’s a great way it’s a great thing to talk about in a lot of my friends, I have some really close friends on the team and we talked about it a lot and find ways to avoid it and and healthy ways with your friends about avoiding it that’s absolutely super healthy because what you’re doing there as you’re creating your building connections with them real connections like you’re working together to overcome difficult things in life and that’s that’s what we do face-to-face eye-to-eye not over texts not over digital communication but and you girls are together like all the time right leg all the time how many hours a day at least like 3 to 6 or more I know that the football coach he doesn’t he tried really hard to help build quality young men good job at Lake Winter lose of each can just like relating it to being a man growing up and taking care of a family and no being a responsible Citizen and whatnot so honestly that’s what this is all about you guys were trying to help our team navigate this difficult time and these new things that are part of their world and and parents we’ve got some amazing coaches amazing School administrators teachers who are doing everything they can because they’re in the thick of it to they see it they hear about it they know about it cuz they’re in their kids your kids world so much and I’m begging and pleading parents don’t Angelfire children don’t believe that they’re perfect and impervious to this problem get involved in their world their digital world and it’s crazy how fast is time this time goes but Avery and Mason again I just got to thank you guys so much for being willing to come on in and be real with parents out there and help help help our community so thank you once again for being on the show thank you and I hope everybody out there got some helpful ideas about how to protect your family against the dangers of sexting and child pronography this culture really exists today in our digital world and you have got a good guy to get with it got a check up on it your family doesn’t have to struggle through this alone though that’s why I love living here in St George there is that this is a tight-knit community and there are a lot of great resources available if you or your loved one is just overwhelmed with harmful media Suicidal Thoughts anxiety depression please just give us a call at Life Launch Centers, the number is 833-803-3883 we’re happy to do a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you know what would be the best course of action to take with your loved one or just jump on our website at there’s a lot of great free resources there including the first part of this mess podcast this radio show so this is been your mental health moment join us again right here next time on St George news radio but again before you do before you take that I can do this please commit to yourself that you’re going to talk to your teens about texting and sending and receiving nudes and get involved in their Digital World maybe listen to this podcast with them together whatever you do you can’t keep your head in the sand and pretend like this isn’t affecting your family but this is Joe Newman signing off from Life Launch Centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity  

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