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December 22, 2020

The Mental Health Moment December 21st, 2020

December 21st, 2020

Our Why? - Stronger Families, Stronger Futures

Our Why? - Stronger Families, Stronger Futures

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Ben Harris (Executive Director and Founder of Life Launch Centers)
Topic - Stronger Families, Stronger Futures is what it is all about.

December 21st, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – Stronger Families, Stronger Futures is what it is all about.

Welcome Welcome to the Mental health Moment. It’s Monday and time to take a moment for your mental health.  I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers which was founded and started right here in Southern Utah.  We are building stronger families and stronger futures by teaching resilience in group settings. 

And this is the show where we talk about all things for your families mental health and today on the show I have with me executive director and founder of Life launch centers Ben Harris. Ben thanks again for joining me today on the show. Thanks for having me Joe. Well it’s the last show of the year and what we would do a cover I couldn’t think of a more applicable topic than resilience and we are at this Apex or I guess the beginning of a new year and have an opportunity to refocus and you know we’re not going to talk about politics or I need some Christmas music quick lift my spirit but now I kind of felt like maybe we can focus on the positive really really can’t really go there without laying the foundation different things written at different times like over the last hundred years but I’m glad I haven’t had some of the issues that have existed in other years or decades even and I’m kind of just what I am when I am I like that and maybe it’s because you know you here pretty regularly and they had some major events you know maybe a passing of a family member or loss of a job or something good I guess that’s and not had a bad year or have actually seen the positive side of a lot of families of the screens it’s like you can feel your body rejecting. Stimulus like you just needed your action but some of us are almost afraid to community groups in order to be relevant in the today I got Rose Colored Glasses on right right when he wasn’t the problem for a lot of people and even for me and in many ways but we’re talking about resilience the definition of it is to pick yourself up dust yourself off and move on the lay down and wallow in the mud and just complain about it like you have to pick yourself up get yourself out of it and move on and that’s why I think what we want to offer today on the show sometimes the challenge that that were faced with is at 1 how I’m not sure how I pick myself back up I don’t know if I can how do I how do I even know if I can wear where am I going to get that resource and I really had a moment with that thought here the other day I was watching that Disney production of solo the guy that the climb so I think Mount Capitan or something like that and without roll up there and what was interesting was to me I just kept thinking this guy is insane to climb with ropes and finally said K I’m ready and goes without ropes and makes the jump talking to him though was what really caught my attention and he said you don’t know what you’re capable of until your life depends on it yeah never gave it the same kind of when he was up there without the ropes how do we have those experiences in our life right now how do we face those kinds of things and have the opportunity or the ability to know what we’re actually capable of when we never let go when we Never Surrender enough to to have those experiences well I think that’s a great a great analogy because I’m rock climber myself and I feel that very very true like as I’m climbing with a rope I always climb with a rope I’m not free solo but sometimes like if I’m leaving a climb where there’s a higher risk of of a fall like you could follow me cheap maybe and always gives you additional strength please watch a movie about somebody climbing then go out and actual of climb until I actually do it until you actually like get out there and put in the effort and always afterwards you like that was so awesome I’m so glad I did that started recognize I’m kind of tired of watching other people be resilient in life like we need to make those decisions in our own lives to get out and experience life ourselves to experience at resilience to make that difficult climb into be better for it afterwards and sometimes I think it’s specially in our culture of entertainment we just watch other people be resilient and and then we think oh I’m going to be wow he’s not really how it works so we certainly created that culture like that there’s no question how do we build resilience well there’s a lot of different ways I think he’s emotionally we need to talk about emotional resilience because and what we used to really help Youth and Young adults and families grow stronger there’s a lot of difficulty Motion in families for severe greatest joy and it can also be the source of your family is a lot of individuals there reminders of lost loved ones they maybe too much time together yeah you know in a lot of strain and stress and you know when when we’re struggling to understand emotions and then we get around a bunch of regulated in fact that I was just I could hear the group counseling going on in my office next to work where I was yesterday it was really interesting to hear all of the laughter that was happening in your groups know this is a reason or like emotionally charged people yelling kind of thing our group still being built as you like the chatter going on they’re having a good time they’re having real discussions about difficult problems but it’s done in a way that they grow closer to each other and they grow stronger and it’s all through the dialectical behavior therapy cognitive behavior they watch their activities that they engage in together that I just so impressed with how how strong how much resilience comes from because of the group fun to watch fun to see it’s really inspiring and our newer groups really are what is the secret sauce to the the whole recipe that really helps them build resilience overwhelmed with anxiety depression or or suicide ideation just know that you don’t have to go through this that’s what I love about this community and it’s a privilege to be a part of this Southern Utah Community because we really do come together and help each other have stronger families and strong but they give you if you have any questions give us a call we can be back in just one minute talking about resilience in the coming year and will be back in just one minute 

Welcome back to the Mental health moment I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers in the coming year and thanks again for joining me is a southern Utah company and why we started here and you know this is so fast but we get back to the community little bit and trying to gauge you know give me something back from the community and so I have a Dixie direct book for the first person who emailed about the show is all about today about resilience and so the email address is Joe cam or whatever it is in an email me that this show today was about resilient than Iola I’ll get back in touch with you and I’ve got just want to say thank you for listening to take for your mental health so jump on jump on your device right now and email me and we’ll get that book to you talking about resilience all about being together the importance of building connections and there’s a whole you know what it looks like to build healthy connections but we we need to talk a little bit more about the house of resilience because I often say that resilience is like saying I want a six-pack and then you don’t ever get out of and that’s that’s how resilient is it we were talking a little bit about one of the other components of the reason we talked about stories in our had and how did stories in our head play into building resilience resilient because how do we get from being triggered to having an event happened to being emotionally hijacked what is what is it that happens in between the story in my head because you know fruit for you and me we have some things in life that are you know going to be triggers for both of us but there are some things in life that will be a trigger for me and not for you and vice versa and so why why why for me you know if I go into a meeting at work and I’ve been thinking about a great idea I’ve had and I throw that idea out there and nobody says anything why is that a trigger for me what happens between the fact that nobody said anything and becoming emotionally hijacked over the fact that nobody said what is it that happens in between there it’s the story in my head and go within seconds I can be thinking about and really decide that they are thinking I’m not very smart what makes it hard what makes that jump a trigger well with all of the story in your head and all those blanks we fill in with worst case scenario and because of it it then becomes a threat and when it becomes a threat we become emotionally hijacked we go into survival mode fight flight or freeze so if we can somehow convinced that midbrain that part of our brain that the threat is either mitigated is we might it is his first of all recognizing that you’re going to have these stories in your head that sometimes one of the hardest parts and people they give so much credibility to the story in their head cuz I haven’t maybe down the exercises to recognize oh yeah regularly I have the story in my head that’s just this big Doomsday you talked to before that we live in this this time we’re we’re constantly distracted too and so the idea of awareness knowing what’s going on in your mind lives somewhere else wherever you are it’s always somewhere else I know on this radio show my mind thinking how I’ve got to go do this afterwards I got to go do this on the computer afterwards you know there was a text it just happened and you constantly just pulled away from the here and now and but again that’s a that’s a piece of resilient of recognizing the bad habits being aware we have to be aware without the awareness we don’t have the ability to choose even just what is the internal dialogue we have what am I usually saying to myself about myself out there into threat because I’m not smart enough I don’t belong I can’t or I can’t make that jump where where is my internal dialogue I can change that that’s the beauty of things like meditation I can change my internal I have to if I don’t then I can’t add new behaviors I can’t say until we going to go by the wayside within a week or two of group and the power of building connections really comes in we see those changes happening because there’s a support system a group of several people are rooting for you and say yeah you are you as a different stronger person that you don’t see yourself as yet and these are all members of our community Family Guy enjoy I love you so much thank you for all you’re doing for our community here in southern Utah I can tell that you really do care about the family’s here again absolutely absolutely overwhelmed with anxiety depression or even suicide ideation please give us a call at 833-0383 phone consultation to help you know what would be the best course of action to take with your loved one or just jump on our website at life on centers., there’s a lot of great free resources there I want also remind everybody calm and let me know what our show is all about today we love families learn more resilient because that’s really what it is all about it’s about stronger families stronger Futures and I look forward to this coming year strong future that that lay ahead so has been your mental health more moment join us again next time right here on St George news radio this is Joe Newman signing off from Life Launch Centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity 

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