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August 3, 2020

The Mental Health Moment August 3rd, 2020

August 3rd, 2020

Resilience with Strong Women in the Community

Resilience with Strong Women in the Community

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Sharon Rosenbaum (Owner and CEO of She Sparks Business)
Topic - How is emotional resilience important and helpful as a female business leader in the community as well as for life.

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August 3rd, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – How Emotional Resilience is important and helpful for female business leaders in the community as well as in life.

Welcome Welcome, to the Mental health Moment. It’s Monday again and time to take a moment for your mental health.  I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers, and on this show we talk about all things for your mental health.  We teach healthy coping mechanisms, discuss current situations that affect our mental health, and really try to leave you with some tips and ideas that you can implement right now. Essentially we’re talking about resilience here, emotional resilience.  It’s important to realize that resilience is like a muscle, it takes time and regular practice to build.  You can’t just say you want to be resilient and then you are.  You have to learn the mental and emotional exercises and them practice them, and over time you build your resilience.  That’s what we do at Life Launch Centers in our group counseling programs.  Youth and young adults from ages 11-26 come and learn the emotional tools they need and have a chance to practice them 3 times a week in group.  It’s kind of like combining a college course and a gym membership for your mental and emotional growth.  And these groups are working miracles in helping these young people actually overcome anxiety, depression, isolation, and even suicide ideation.  Speaking of resilience, today on the show with me I’ve got a very special guest.  One of the most prominent female leaders in the community, Sharon Rosenbaum, founder and CEO of She Sparks Business. Sharon thanks so much for joining me today.

Well thank you very well, I’m excited to learn a little about what you guys are doing for this community and share my story. Well you got an amazing story and it’s always been a pleasure getting to know you at some of these community events you know tell us a little bit about your your personal background maybe your school or business background elseworld about Sharon. owner and founder and Legacy cheerleader of she Sparks business which is a female a relationship Community for business women here and my background is I grew up in Wyoming so hello y’all and I went to school Rock Springs Wyoming graduated here at Dixie State as well with my human communication background a marketing minor lot of learning curve that led me to what I’m doing today is awesome so you don’t tell us a little bit more about she Sparks business what is it what do you know what inspired you to get into you know this business love life launch centers by my mom passed away with leukemia cancer when I was six years old I’m the middle child of two brothers coginchaug I was in high school I didn’t have a female boss until like over 5 years ago and still owe life was growing up around guys amazing but you know when I went to my very first all-female Women’s Business event I mean in one hour we we pass business each other’s her we cried we laughed we took over the world in one hour it’s awesome I knew I had to do something to empower and Inspire way more women in this entire that’s beautiful yeah absolutely the power of women especially when they get together it’s just phenomenal and what you’re doing by bringing these businesswomen together and collaborating you know talking about what your unique position is in the community and how that how you can amplify that is really doing a lot of good so I really haven’t appreciated that what you’re doing over a hundred members and we do about 50 events every single year so if you’re interested online or in-person definitely reach out cuz there’s a spot for you so you feel like you know getting women together helps them build their emotional resilience yeah because about why women need each other is the same thing why men need each other because women sometimes I think we can fill and I get emotional we feel like we’re alone we were very emotional ribbon we sometimes don’t understand that other people are out there that can relate to what we’re going through feeling you know and it’s yeah it’s so important for women to understand that yeah I have also had the to the full capacity to bounce back to all of my difficult things I’ve gone through and so yeah I I do I think so I love that you mentioned how women are emotionally driven in a lot of times people talk about emotions as though they’re bad things for sure when we let our emotions control us are over, and it can be a problem but I do know that unique perspective that comes from that emotional perspective is is really important and so I love that that you’re empowering that you’re you’re working with women to you know get the most good out of those powerful emotions days for women other than friends or religion get together and Mastermind on vulnerability and that’s what really helps Thrive what your you guys are doing and with what you do for families it’s really being able to master Mind through those vulnerabilities and Patch him up absolutely ability is an interesting topic because it’s scary and yet it’s so important to relationships you know when my wife and I often talked about plastic relationships that we’re really good in the community I just kind of put on the the happy face and it’s all wrapped up we all wrapped up in plastic wrap like everything’s shiny and sparkly and perfect and new but really inside you know there’s there’s difficult there is there a heartache there’s problem everybody has crap that they’re going through in their life and until you unwrap it and you get to know those imperfections in those vulnerabilities then you really don’t know and I think that’s you get to do a little bit of that when she’s parked right when you guys get together is that kind of what happens what you said addressing the elephant in the room this whole crisis thing that’s going on right now and what you said with the whole wrapping up and you know in bubble wrap and stuff as we go through crisis has every single day whether it’s divorce breaking an arm figuring out what we’re going to do with our kids through school building relationships and so really understanding that whole resilience of dowsing that’s why she is so important is because again we can be like what are you doing what am I doing what’s your crisis how are you overcoming it and really be able to learn what’s going on in our lives with me I love it so like when we were talking about resilience what you’re saying is how you know getting together with other people and talking about these difficult issues builds resilience and that’s absolutely one of the things that we do with life on centers It’s like got to get people together unfortunately because you know vulnerability is scary and because our emotions are strong sometimes we’d rather just you know we’d rather like stay-at-home turn on a movie or just you know play Candy Crush all night on our phone or whatever and just disengage from people that’s that that’s honestly how you we avoid building resilience you have to do the work out you have to get vulnerable in NV emotional with people in order to build that yeah and my last words about resilience and vulnerability is it’s not complaining complaining has no value that’s that’s not what resilience invulnerability is there for start to be able to share what’s going on relate to other people and serve sir understand sometimes just listen I love that because my wife often feels the need to go in and do girls nitrites or go hang out with some of her friends and but sometimes she has a hard time because it often turns into like you said complaining or even husband bashing or or some like destructive kind of communication but really what what we Thrive from is you know talking about our difficult times what’s happening in our lives been working together knowing that people care about you and love you and are willing to support you and that that they still think that you’re an amazing person even though you’re going through hard things and gives you that strength to too kind of you know to keep going to not give up you know I can’t believe how fast the time flies were already through the first half of our show and I got so much I still want to cover with you but I got to jump to a quick break here so you know it once again if you’re not familiar with what life on centers does we work with Youth and Young adults ages 11 to 26 years old anxiety depression or other difficult mental health conditions would most parents are looking for you know some help for their kids with anxiety they often think of taking him to a therapist or going to traditional counseling once a week or so it and some of the problems with that is it will be in counseling for more than a year and ended up costing quite a bit in the kids usually doesn’t want to go there kind of unwilling participants and that’s makes it really really difficult for the therapist for the parents for the child that’s where we found a group counseling really is the most effective and Powerful form of therapy in group kids see that they’re not alone in their struggles and if they’re able to really connect with other people you know the best part is that most insurances cover this treatment so don’t wait just give us a call we do a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you stretch what would be the best course of action to take with your your loved ones so that number is 833-803-3883 I will be back in just one minute.

Welcome back to the mental health moment I’m your host Joe Newman from Life launch centers and today on the show I’ve got with me a very prominent female leader in the community Sharon Rosenbaum founder and CEO of she Sparks business Sharon thanks again for joining me today you know you’ve got some really interesting life events that we’ve talked about before and did a fairly significant and what brought you to be such a profound female leader in the community tell us tell the listeners a little bit about you know what Brian’s point and it took me about 7 months in order to launch two two years ago I was ready to launch and then I ended up having a near-death experience I was tell me about that seizure in the shower our entire basement I went to the ER for two days the hospital for 4 and that is so scary just like out of the blue had a had a seizure like I know everybody’s out there is wondering like who found you cuz I’ve got to be really like weird and are singing uncomfortable brother’s girlfriend at the time ended up coming and busting mound of the the door pulling me out of the tub she thought I was dead when you die your body weighs a little bit more time. I was all blue clearly I should not be alive right now $50,000 later what’s wrong however that’s what led me to where I’m at because I believe everyone in this world those those difficulties that you’re going through be this is not to say puppy so grateful for them everything bad that happens whether it’s near death or debt or failure be so grateful for it because I would have not have the drive to do what I’m doing now to share my story and tell other people that these failures in these mistakes and these this visit day you have to go through it cuz you won’t want you won’t know what healthy feels like and you don’t you won’t know what welt feels like I love that I mean this is kind of a physical challenge that you experienced but the resilience principle applies directly to it because so many times you know it when we experience difficulty the natural desire is to kind of just want to roll over and let let life you know take you just you know not not fight back right but you obviously have had to to you know overcome this major challenge what how how is that bike affected your your mental health on knowing that you went through that and overcame it I didn’t even crawl out of bed for 4 weeks gained so much weight ended up getting off of that medication and really understood and tuned in to why am I depressed and I think sometimes we feel so bad for ourselves when we’re depressed and we again to like people can’t relate and that’s why you have like lights on its way you have to bring your family and your loved ones too without my family and what I was feeling at that time I would not have been able to like yeah I’m going to add this to my story I’m going to show people that no matter what you go through you can still take over the world and there’s resources like you guys Joe out there to help you no matter what you go through I love that because yeah it’s that connection with people that you’re talking about that really pulled you out of that right like weeks in bed and every sounds like isolation sounds like a lot of what people go through regularly that like you said we end up helping them learn some of these emotional tools but you kind of Came Upon A almost naturally or how did you how did you realize that it was going to be that human connection or that you know those relationships that would be through this I’m honestly it was mainly like what what would my mom do this again a reminder my mom passed away when I was 6 but I think I think it was I utilize the utilize my relationship just because some people believe in you more than you believe in yourself you’re the only you’re the only one that knows your value and where you’re headed but it takes those other people to pull out your potential that you truly have and that’s why I love resilient in these difficult and failures because you come out of this so much stronger and then you probably see it all the time with these families in these kids that you come in at a certain point and you leave being better than you ever were before well I love what you said that you know your mom was a big influence even though she had passed away when you were young just the thought and realization that that this is something your mom would do that that’s what gave you strength kids are really good at modeling right kids really look to their parents as examples and and like you said that that’s one of the most powerful things that we do that we can do is Rally together as families and show up for each other our best selves even when times are hard especially when times are hard and yeah I mean it looks like that’s what your family did for you they believe in you more than you even believe in yourself and that’s a reoccurring theme like wheat that’s why we need people to you know build resilience because they’re kind of like kind of like our or trainer or are you know coach there on the side cheering us on saying hey you can do this by keep going don’t don’t don’t give up don’t shut yourself in don’t you know push people away it’s it’s time to get real with us and we can help you you know have to have that tribe we have to have other people pull us out of that shell so we don’t continue getting varied and I love that it’s she Sparks it’s kind of a a different group like people often rely on their family or whatever because they’re your family and you’ve always you know they’ve been around you but but this is I love how you can pull at strangers together and because of these common human characteristics and needs that that total strangers and support each other how do you say I mean what does that look like help the listeners know like a little bit more what that looks like in in some of your meetings yacht so it’s really easy will thrive on the largest event I’ve ever had so far is 120 and 1 people come and show up we we do some amazing team bonding activities that allows us to feel like we’ve known each other forever we laughed we cried we scream we dance and then when we’re done really that breakthrough getting past that trust wall everything comes in business and growing your business we then do masterminding each person gets about 10 minutes to talk about her resilience is for struggles of people she needs connections to what’s going on in her life personally and those other women are there to lift her up and buys and just show her that you’re on the right track but. Tribe I think is amazing when bringing everybody together and then you leave with relationships you leave with a community you leave with a light building your network you know it’s like there’s much more people you can rely on your even doing some stuff with young women right is that tell me a little bit about that that’s awesome that look like 13 there was many reasons why we did it at 6 because that age your a sponge you are learning so much from people around you and your peers and that’s how old I was when my mom died and it might even I recreated it because it was something that we always wanted at that age and so we taught these girls about confidence and saving money and being a leader and loving yourself and just just so much more it was 2 Days 1 Night at one night we brought the parents in on the parents were really highly involved they deserve to see how amazing their daughters are little girls got up and public speaking and we even did a graduation ceremony for them they made like crowns we had shirts X Michael be doing it every year and my goal is taking it outside St George I love that because yeah obviously that’s given them opportunities to build resilience like you said through public speaking a lot of different things when they’re and you know those practices of things that they learn when they’re young carry with them through their adult life and how tremendous especially in those young transformative you know you’re getting these opportunities so I got to kind of wrap it up here but tell me how many people get in touch with your organization and how do I get involved with she’s Parts business whether you have girls to put in girls camp or if you want to throw your business and get connections and relationships we offer a free strategy session to focus on your pain points and what we can do to serve you and connect you but if you want to learn more just just Google us or check our website at she Sparks or just reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram at she Sparks that’s awesome thank you so much once again for being on the show with me today you’re amazing Sharon and thank you for all you’re doing for the the women in the community I appreciate that we hope everybody out there got some helpful ideas about you know how to help your kids do these difficult and unusual times some things that we can do right now to prepare for the upcoming school year and just improve our mental help so if you have a loved one or maybe you yourself were overwhelmed with anxiety depression or any other difficulty motion please give us a call at life launch centers the number is 833-803-3883 we’re happy to do a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you know what would be the best course of action or just jump on our website at lifelong there’s a lot of great free resources out there so this is been your mental health moment join us again next time right here on St George news radio this is Joe Newman signing off from Life on centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity.

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