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August 27, 2020

The Mental Health Moment August 17th, 2020

August 17th, 2020

Amino Acid Therapy for Anxiety and Mental Health

Amino Acid Therapy for Anxiety and Mental Health

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Sarah McAllister (Chief Operation Officer at Fusion Specialty Pharmacy)
Topic - What is Amino Acid Therapy and how can it help with anxiety and mental health.

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August 17th, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – How Amino Acid Therapy can help anxiety and improve mental health

Welcome, back to the Mental health Moment. It is Monday and time to take a moment for your mental health.  I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers, and on this show we talk about all things for your mental health.  We teach healthy coping mechanisms, discuss current situations that affect our mental health, and really try to leave you with some tips, ideas and resources that you can implement right now. It’s all about resilience here, emotional resilience.  It’s important to realize that resilience is built over time with lots and lots of practice.  You can’t just say you want to be resilient and then you are.  You have to learn the mental and emotional exercises and then put them into practice and then over time you’ll build emotional resilience.  That’s what we do at Life Launch Centers in our group counseling programs.  Kids with anxiety and depression ages 11-26 years old come and learn the emotional tools they need to successfully launch into life..It’s super helpful for kids especially struggling with transitions into new schools, stages in life.  You know when most parents recognize that anxiety has taken over their kids life they want to check them into traditional counseling.  The kids goes once a week often for years and doesn’t really make a lot of progress because they feel like mom and dad are just trying to fix them. They are very unwilling participants. That’s the beauty of Life Launch Centers group counseling program is that kids come to group 3 times a week and see they’re not alone in their struggles.  They find others that are worse off than they are and some that are more resilient and really quickly those defensive walls come down and they really make a lot of progress.   It’s kind of like combining a college course and a gym membership for your mental and emotional growth.  And these groups are working miracles in helping these young people actually overcome anxiety, depression, isolation, and even suicide ideation.  And today on the show I’ve got with me Sarah McCallister, Chief Operation Officer at Fusion Specialty Pharmacy.  Sarah partners with numerous physicians to bring education and empowerment to the community. Sarah thanks for being on the show with me today. 

Joe, thank you so much for having me on the show today.  We just absolutely love life launch and what you do for the community so just really excited to be here. Well right back at you, we just love Fusion Pharmacy and what you’re doing tell us a little about your background and your involvement with Fusion Pharmacy and how that’s relevant to mental health absolutely so I just had a passion for health weather that being physical health mental health emotional health pretty much my whole life I was the kid that would go in with my step dad to his pediatric office and help him with the kids whatever could bring greater Health two people now today that translates to me working with a pharmacy that’s quite a bit different from other pharmacies you work to get people to their healthiest State and often that is mental and emotional health physical health but according to this coming down my face and I might want to concentrate on you anyway the kids are going through and there’s a lot of mental health issues that were trying to facing new challenges and so I’m curious help us understand winter medications helpful for mental health so I look at it the same way as you would really for any health condition so for example sometimes somebody with a blood pressure of 210 over a hundred and ten need the life-saving medication. Instead and different things that you can do to improve that and it’s the same thing as in mental health there are emergency situations where people are going to need medications and there’s definitely value in certain medications for conditions that people are dealing with their there truly is Valley there so we try and make it very clear that we love modern medicine we are reduce that medication load or utilize something to maybe less in a load of something else or the side effects of another medication so that’s really where we find that balance there but yes there are medications that are fantastic for mental health Senior Health in other ways maybe you know the lifestyle changes maybe dietary changes I think that’s really important because parents want like a real quick easy fix for the kids depression or anxiety and so they’re like was it gives medication to go to absolutely and sometimes maybe even lifelong but there are medications that really caused a lot more trouble than good and they do great masking some things or they do great at correcting certain conditions in the body they just typically come at a price you’re very educated in the traditional medicine but then like you said or yeah I might natural medicine is absolutely so what we like to do is look at the root Foundation I know we’ll get to one of our absolute favorites to do that in just a second I’m trying to hold one of the solutions that we use but I just want to give another example for the folks that are on these medications that are working for their depression for their anxiety and or just absolutely will need to be on a certain medication one of the things that were looking at are the nutrient depletions that those medications can actually cause and that create nutrient depletion that you know if this person is on this medication there’s no way. There magnesium level is normal or there’s no way there B12 level is normal or a certain medication May deplete zinc absolutely of course we need these nutrients in our body they’re there for a reason we’re not getting enough of them in our food just from not eating the right diet from processed food spoiled aplysia in a depletion of nutrients in the soil so it the the deck is kind of stacked against us cards are stacked against us starting off in a state where exactly will translate into other Healthcare concerns in the future you know that but as I’ve learned more about this so you back flips because of what we can do I have seen what we can do for people and I’ve seen it changed my life so a lot of people hear the words amino acids and they automatically think of bodybuilding muscle structure at the building blocks of life so that we are is allowed because we have these Amino on more than our body companies have taken a large amount of different amino acids and thrown in the supplement and that’s great for going to the gym and tan what is less known and someday we’ll be more known especially as people start looking for greater Solutions in healthcare is targeted amino acid therapy so what we’re looking at is what amino acids are lacking in the body and how that is affecting mental health so what a lot of people don’t recognize is that these amino acids are utilized in the body to turn into serotonin oxytocin just a neurotransmitters that are absolutely necessary who is experiencing anxiety might have a Gaba deficiency somebody who is experiencing depression it might be serotonin targeted amino acids that somebody is lacking in their body and what it is causing is actually a written test and it’s so blatant so they’re scoring on different experiences that they’re having in life and then that is matched against certain Cravings are having and typically that will also late with any substance abuse or medications that work and when somebody filled out this form it’s just glaring at you you know you recognize that these or experiences were correlated with one another and they certainly are so it’s it’s just as it really is yes you know I’ve got to take a break here but this is fascinating and we’re going to follow up with some of that we work with Youth and Young adults ages 11 years old struggling with anxiety depression and other difficult mental health conditions would most parents are looking for help for anxiety that usually think of first finding a therapist me going to an individual counseling session once a weekend in Austin their loved one doesn’t make a lot of progress do you know for 6 months or a year or even more odd kids usually don’t want to go there if they feel broken or that they’re they’re weird for having to see a therapist will that’s why group counseling is the most effective and Powerful form of therapy in group kids see that they’re not alone in their struggles and they’re able to really connect with other people their own age so the best part is that most insurances actually cover treatment so don’t wait just give us a call 15 minute phone consultation and we can help strategize with you what would be the best course of action to help your loved one so just give us a call that number is 833-803-3883. 

Welcome Back to the mental health moment I’m your host Joe Newman from Life launch centers and this is the show that we talked about all things for your mental health and today on the show I’ve got with me Sara Mackay Master Chief Operating Officer at Fusion Specialty Pharmacy and Sarah and I were amazing options for mental health concerning amino acid therapy and and she is truly a professional and specialist honest Sarah thank you once the it’s my pleasure to be here personalized therapy that you’re able to determine maybe which amino acid is deficient in their system and how simply supplementing that amino acid can traumatic lien influence or impact their mental health is that right tell us more about that amino acid therapy and what it does what it is but we’ll kind of re summarize for those of you who just talked on so amino acids are naturally occurring in our bodies are the building blocks of life and when we are depleted of these it creates issues with are neurotransmitters in our body it makes it to where we do not have what are body needs to function appropriately so anxiety or depression can be a symptom of this or it can be worsened by this especially if somebody is on medication so for example people who are on ssris the serotonin retake reuptake Inhibitors so if they’ve been on a medication such as an SSRI you’re actually depleting serotonin in the body as you’re on it but you’re also counting on the serotonin for the medication to be working on the working in the first place so you’re really up against the wall there yeah truly what needs to happen is the serotonin levels need to be worked on in the body and we can do that as just one example of what we can do with naturally occurring amino acids so I know it’s incredible right it’s it is truly a future of medicine in mental health. Everyone should be looking at what’s the specific examples maybe some case studies or something that it helped it was straight what what has happened with some of the people you work with absolutely makes me so passionate about going to work with Fusion Specialty Pharmacy every single day when I first started there I went to fusion and said hey I hear what you’re doing in the community and I want to be working with you I want to bring this National I want to bring this International people need to know about what you are doing to promote Health in many different areas this isn’t the only one and when I first came in I thought it was so interesting and started filling out an amino acid questionnaire and like I was expressing in the first half it was so blatant I was looking at these symptoms and looking at these Cravings going man I’ve never I never knew these were correlated for me I was running my jetseal was anxiety I got everything that I got done because I was so tightly wound with anxiety I started taking the amino acids that the Forum had shown that I was depleted in and within a couple days I was feeling kind of strange not really understanding what I was feeling so I went I went to yoga went home meditated I’m like I need to journal cuz I don’t know what I’m saying I don’t get what I’m feeling right now and the very first word that I Journal doubt was calm and that’s when I recognized his you know that 37 years of my life I had never understood what cam felt like and so now today I still get everything done but my jet fuel is no longer that anxiety I don’t have that friction that cloud following me in my everyday life so it’s been an absolute game-changer for you personally personally and then I’ve seen that with the parents in this is very pertinent to your audience the the letters that we get in some X in I’m reading about the treatment of kids on amino acids you know my child has been on this medication for years always enjoyed going on trips together when is Teachers are just at their wit’s end with this person and now they’re taking vacations and connecting like never before or their coaches are calling and saying hey what are you doing differently I feel like I’m just meeting your child for the first time so this is people’s everyday life everyday experience that we’re talking about changing and as a parent mean when I read that stuff I’m just like the biggest sea in the world just you know fall in my eyes out like we just yes we are truly impacting people’s lives and we’re doing it in a way where there’s changes today and not just not a compromise to their health was side effects in the future but we’re actually improving he has the nutrients it needs it’s going to drive these difficult emotions and that includes you know your your nutrients right you nutrition we talked about how to have more healthy diet and get that involve sleep is another really important thing that people need to have balance but then we have to talk about medications or or just different chemicals in their bodies that are may be out of balance it and that’s what we’re talking about here is that amino acid therapy is kind of a more natural way that we can help get those chemicals in our Bodies In Balance reducing you know side effects and long-term dependency on on medication this is another reason why we just absolutely love life launch centers is because it read these things require a multi-faceted approach and having them go all you know this isn’t really working and saying oh well let’s up the dose and I’ll see you in six months that’s not working right just looking at one aspect is not truly making changes in somebody’s life so making sure that there’s no foundational deficiencies is a go to write that of course because you got to start their medication or whether it’s therapy or whether it’s group or whatever it is if you’re doing these things but at the same time there’s a nutrient deficiency your kind of fighting an uphill battle right but you may have a ladder you can put their first so having professionals like life launch centers having somebody to overview you know what medications they’re on from 6 different doctors right so people can schedule a consult with us Toby Taylor Farm the owner of fusion Pharmacy just I just call him the wizard because he’s just brilliant is crazy he is The Mastermind behind all of it and he is the reason that I am with usion Pharmacy and in trying to bring his knowledge to the world so you can book it Fusion Specialty Pharmacy, under the book tab and I’d also love to share something else you can find on our website one of my owners that I get to do with Fusion Pharmacy is bring together Healthcare Professionals in various Industries and we pick Hot Topics that we can help educate the community on and we are about to launch an ADD ADHD Summit retailers on there talking a little joke about amino acid therapy the lineup is absolutely spectacular we have best selling authors just experts in the field of ADHD is absolutely free that will be launching this week on our website under the summit tab Sol Fusion Specialty Pharmacy. Calm and then on the summit tab you can just go and gather a wealth of information and just be supported because that is our goal that’s awesome because I know depression that they realize that their kids ability to focus on things can dramatically impact you know what their performance at school and in Social Circles and so it is interesting people almost say you know all my kid has a little bit of add or whatever almost like to just roll it off there without knowing too much about it though it’s great to have you know what some of that that we can get some real education and it may it may be the parent to sew in a weave parents we don’t forget about you that it might actually be you that’s dealing with this and your child and we have everything for you two were talking about medications were talking about supplementation but we’re also talking about life skills and these are from the experts things that you could do to change your daily experience now what’s that website again Fusion Specialty Pharmacy. Calm and then surf around we have information on amino acids we have our Summits under the summit Tab and you can buy a 10-minute free consult with us on the book tab that’s all some additional resources that this community as in addressing thank you so much for having me about how to help your kids prepare for this school year that’s so weird and different and the kids are in in new situations and really try to help improve our mental health so if you or a loved one is just overwhelmed with anxiety depression or any other difficulty motion just give us a call at life launch centers the number is 833-803-3883 we’re happy to do a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you know what to do at will be the best course of action for your loved ones so just jump on our website at life want is a lot of great resources there and I were just give us a call again at 833-803-3883 Joe Newman signing off from Life on centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity.

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