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May 7, 2020

The Mental Health Moment April 27th, 2020

April 27th, 2020

Exciting things coming up during COVID-19

Exciting things coming up during COVID-19

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guests - Kaden Foremaster - Producer at Canyon Media
Topic - COVID-19 impacts on mental health, In-network with EMI, CIGNA, DMBA, Select Health, The Anxiety Scholarship 2020

April 27th, 2020 Transcript – Mental Health Moment 

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Topic – Exciting things coming up during COVID-19

Welcome back it’s time to take a minute for your mental health I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers and this is the Mental Health Moment. On this show we talk about all things for your mental health we give tips and tools and how to cope and healthy ways with today’s difficult emotions and wow today there are more difficult emotions present with World conditions probably than any other time in our lives when all the uncertainty about the future book for Youth and adults has been taking its toll during these covid-19 closures and I think it has to do with the uncertainty about health and the economy unemployment there’s just a lot of things in current conditions that time that are contributing to today’s mental health risks and so today I’ve got Kayden foremaster producer here at Canyon needed it talk about some of the positive things coming about because of covid-19 and some things to look forward to Kaden thanks for joining me 

Of course happy to be here. You know there’s been a lot of negative talking it’s difficult to even tune in to Media today without feeling overwhelmed and just a little bit of Doomsday feelings with all the covid-19 discussion I’m hopeful that today we can kind of have a positive spin on it and look forward to some of the new things coming up in the near future right have you been feeling the same way you feel like sometimes you have to just disconnect from media to keep some mental sanity for sure I feel like I’ve been spending a lot more time now that I have a lot more time I should say cuz I can’t really go out and do anything I have been using that time wisely to just go out and get projects done around the house and things like that and it’s been nice to just not be on my phone during this time it’s been has been helpful for me you know that’s that’s great to hear I think a lot of people have caught on to some of the the tips and you know tools that we’ve shared on this show as well as I’ve heard a lot of similar things shared throughout the media like you mentioned doing projects at home spending more time with family kind of unplugging from the electronic World regularly things to do I know that the mental health state of people in general is still pretty shaky I’ve seen it more so recently with adult men interesting how that first adult men were in at least the guys that I associated with you no not really affected greatly mentally sure but I’ve seen more guys recently as they felt the effects of the economic impact kind of come down on their organizations how right now they’re it is hard to know where the beginning you do you just think other probably not going to last that long whatever and then you realize now that were over a month into this that it does get a little taxing on the emotions and it’s it’s hard to deal with some of those things especially from a business standpoint and so I think it is it’s validated to feel a little worried but at the same time like you say unplugging and not necessary by the news and realizing that there’s good to come out of this that I know it’ll all be okay you know I really hate concerning discussions I’ve had recently realize there was there was some talk this is kind of third-hand information I tried to verify a source on it and didn’t get like a real Solid Source of it but there was this discussion that there’s actually been a lot of suicides related to covid-19 just anxiety and depression and uncertainty and how that’s contributing to the overall death toll of covid-19 though it’s not there not infected with the virus by time but I thought of how how terrible that is there I had a friend Express to me the idea that that I can see a lot of guys get trapped in the thought is that they’re worth more to their family dead than they are alive so that they might even consider suicide as an option of being able to solve this problem financially for their family they weren’t able to you know code financially through this difficult economic idea was even confirmed as I was speaking with another friend who she had let me know that someone close to her had dental practice dentist had tried to take his own life because during disclosure you know they’re not they’re not doing any treatment they’re not working on patience and and all the pressure of your bills to pay and and thinks he tried to take his life thankfully it wasn’t successful and they’re they’re working with him as but dies it’s been really hard for the family so you know there is just a lot of hard emotion out there right now yeah for sure but I have kind of seen it take a shift recently liked it seems like as is May 1st deadline approaches there’s a lot of Hope for both adults and and you think you’re a lot of people expressing their desires to get back at it a lot to a lot of people just because we we have been in or open by appointment only kind of a thing where we don’t really have a lot of people coming into the building if we can avoid it and so I’m seeing lots of people who like hey when are we going to be able to come in and do things like normal and I think people are getting a little Restless I would say which is it’s in a way it’s a good thing because rolling again absolutely absolutely I think it’s giving us a little bit of renewed Vigor in our efforts so you know this May 1st deadline is kind of an interesting one cuz you know President Trump has been recommending States like Montana and Utah those that have been affected very severely by covid-19 yet that that we could and should reopen soon as possible and I was just reading and found that Governor Gary Herbert had has already opened the state parks back up to like travel that used to be just like the local County a residents were able to to visit but they opened it up to anybody right so i n n President Trump pushing also for the reopening of the national parks and and you know there’s some discussion there to be had on both sides of that coin but I think the most important Interpol from. Is that that that this is going to end this isn’t going to be a forever situation and and that’s a good thing to draw Hope from this to really shall pass you know it’s great you know there’s there’s a lot of even within life lunch centers we’ve had a lot of people kind of frustrated that they couldn’t come into group counseling and some you know I we’ve been doing Counseling group counseling over a zoom meeting and how much like we’re recording our show today as we continue to practice social this but but you know there’s then we’ve had kind of a lot of people that came in and signed up even during these closures because they recognize that their their crisis level is even higher than a normal and they’ll take whatever kind of counseling services are available and so that you know the the Telehealth for the online group counseling is still a great option for him sure so that’s I think something for the listeners out there to realize is that while you know treat me not be the traditional way of coming in to see a counselor or joining a group face-to-face that that we still have the service is available right now so if if you got people in your life loved ones that are that are really struggling with anxiety depression and need treatment now you don’t necessarily have to wait like you can you know you can call in and start the process now right and I think I think the biggest thing right now is people do see that you know a lot of places are closed physically and the problem with that is right that you know people do have a lot of anxiety in this time so if you know the reach out and say hey we’re still or still open in certain aspects and give us a call on line get over to life launch in some way just to make sure that your mental health is where it needs to be yeah cuz really we would hate to continue to add to those tragic numbers of people who are considering taking their lives. A solution to the problem but you know what to say to get to give help to give hope and spread hope out there we want to just we have we have quite a bit of group available or space in our groups for the younger ages so we treat everybody from around age 11 through ages 26 there’s different groups according to the age but the younger group you know 11 to 14 15 years old but plenty of space available right now and you know that’s I think it important for parents to know that they don’t they don’t have to wait to get help they can can help their loved ones get the help they need right now the other the other really important good piece of news is that even during this whole thing where we’ve been really pushing to expand Services because we recognize this going to be a lot of Fallout from this and so we’ve been able to become in network with a few new a few new insurance companies sell like Emi which is one at the school district uses is now we’re not wearing that work with them now as well as Cigna and then we’re also in network with a lot of the other big ones like Select Health, DMBA, Blue Cross Blue Shield and PEHP. So anyway that you know there’s there’s expansion of services happening and I think that’s a a really important aspect of your listeners to to know out there that really you can get help for anxiety and depression right now and it is as our May 1st deadline approaches and we’re able to start to reopen our our sensors for face-to-face counseling continue to get the help that they needed an even better there so you know there there’s a lot of good news I’ve actually got a couple really important announcements to talk about the next half and I yeah there’s there’s some really exciting things were doing with scholarships with with an online counseling program and some other free resources that I wanted to share with the with the audience out there but I got to take a break here so if you or your loved one struggling with anxiety depression or anger or social isolation now really is the best time to get help the group counseling program that life aren’t centers it work wonders for people that have tried therapy but didn’t find any help right now we’re able to run group through these a state-approved Telehealth video conferencing platform that and thank heavens that while we’re not able to be physically together we can at least continue the power of group through technology I’ve been groups help Youth and Young adults overcome barriers and really help them open up and realize that they’re not alone in their struggles and you know they are proven curriculum teaches them the tools that they need to successfully cope with their difficult emotions so don’t wait just give us a call we do a Free 15 minute phone consultation we can help strategize with you what we would do or what would be the next best course of action to take to help your loved one in that number is 833-803-3883 next half coming right back talk about the good news and things to look forward to be back in just a minute 

Welcome back to the mental health moment I’m your host Joe Newman from Life Launch Centers in today joining me is Kayden Foremaster producer here at Canyon media thanks again name of this today Kaden. Course happy to be here you know this is last time we talked a lot about kind of the mental health state of of the people here during this program 19 and, some good news and some things to look forward to and so I’m really excited this this half to talk about that first of all I want to let I want to put a shout out there to all of the high school seniors it’s a hard time being a high school senior right now I can only I can only imagine all the time you put in and now you know graduation is like compromised and you know the spring season of sports and activities I can only imagine how how hard that would be so great out there and let you know we’ve got something that might help bring some hope you guys sell a while back and I’m not sure if you’ve seen this already on our website but at life on spinners. Com we are offering a scholar so if any High School senior out there is looking for a little bit of cash to help out with their upcoming college or ongoing education expenses we got $1,000 anxiety scholarship and basically what that is it we’re looking for a high school senior and or college students they can also apply for the scholarship but it’s $1,000 scholarship for submitting a video about how anxiety affects you or hold you back in your life and we put this out there through the school system has been out there the original deadline was March 31st but we pushed it back to April 15th and then we felt it necessary again with the announcement of school closure and no graduation or modify graduation that stand for a little overwhelmed and maybe need a little more time so we’ve got the final deadline is happening April 30th okay so that still gives you a few days basically got to create a short video I think it’s from from 60 to 90 seconds long I think it’s worth it the requirements take but you make a short video about how anxiety hold you back in life and that’s that’s what we’re looking for is mostly to help students recognize that they are not alone in their struggles and be able to share that that message of Hope and with each other so so everybody out there thousand bucks tell the high school seniors you know in your life they are eligible to get this anxiety scholarship from Life launch centers just by submitting a short video so what do you think yeah I hope it’s you know we’ve had a bunch of submission 17 or 18 submission so far and it’s really impressive to see the creativity and the and the variety of messages that come from these amazing young people right and that’s kind of our hope is too kind of hear the voice of the of the youth and and share that with each other to grow in Our Hope and understanding of how anxiety affects us all very good launch University. Skinny life launch and there is a scholarship tab under the for use section so I or it’s just life want scholarship that’s what I can find that the other thing I want to talk about this is for for all families so we were recently KSL news as well as like ABC for 5 news and we were talking about a program that we need to be able for All Families free online emotional resilience training okay so this is life wants University and it’s a it’s a video training series that we’ve been running in the schools here in in southern Utah so many of the students are familiar with it from school but we went ahead and made the necessary changes to the program to be able to make it available to families at home since the kids aren’t able to get it at school right now so basically it’s their short videos about 10 to 15 minutes in length they have a like a worksheet that accompanies each video that helps solidify to keep principal and other 90 of them and so we’ve gone ahead and given free access to everybody for a month there’s a a free trial you get a bite out for mine and because if we made it like it really like that we use this at our home I do this with my kids and my wife and every day we have these amazing insights to email and were using mindfulness to train our ourselves mentally to be to be more resilient so I encourage everybody to check that out to jump on this is life launch University. Org and there’s a covid-19 free month trial but there that you can you can go find this free month promotion but I guess we felt that so many parents families needed this right now yeah it’s very good I agree I think a lot of people are are definitely in need of all the help we can get that when it comes our mental health right now you know it’s really powerful about the program is when parents and youth sit down together and do it together miss all like a lot of positive benefit within the school system as the students were participating at school but we’d the feedback we keep getting is that parents love it even more because when they do it with their kids then it establishes kind of a Common Language and accountability with writing their own family and they use these tools together right now and let the kids to know that even the adults are struggling right now I mean yeah sure you can’t go out and you’re not at school you can’t see your friends whatever it is but also you know as an adult it’s it’s a hard time for us to so it’s good to know that as a whole family you know everyone can get on the same page in and work the way through it together absolutely packed this morning we are on week 10 and the exercise today was to come up with your Mantra and he talks about what a mantra is try to come up with one and how they’re used to improve your mental state or or to serve as a strength to during hard time and it was great because we’ve been talking about some of the goals that we have set recently some of the characteristics that we want to improve in our lives are mantras were all kind of revolving around that it was really awesome to see like my 16 year old son he is mantra today was about how it’s not funny if it’s if it’s me that’s his new Joker and sometimes it comes a harshness difficult but opportunity to what he wants they heard mine that I was able to share with them that for me it’s it’s more important to be gentle than effective and sometimes when I get in a hurry and I get a little harsh or louder you know that I crack the whip a little bit and it right they were all appreciative to hear like Hey Dad working on this you know he’s not perfect I like that so you know we’re almost running out of time here but I got to throw out a couple of more resources for everybody listen to jump on life launch there’s been an emotional Navigator which is a free booklet that talks about how to navigate difficult emotions you can download it there for free on our website as well as I got to put a plug in for the radio show Archives of this of this show we’ve been doing this for about a year now and just over a year and it’s awesome to see the brats and apps of all the the topics that we’ve cover and they’re all there for you to listen and and to share with family or TuneIn whenever you need it anyway encourage everybody take advantage of these free please free resources available to help help your family so you know if I’ve got a kind of wrap it up here but Kayden thank you so much for all your commentary today and thank you for joining us of course I’m always happy to have you join in well I appreciate your insights and you know I just I guess I hope that everyone out there got some helpful ideas about some things to look forward to and things that you can do right now to improve our mental health if you or a loved one is just overwhelmed with anxiety depression isolation or any other difficult emotions please give us a call at life wants Center’s number is 833-803-3883 where again we’re happy to do a free 15-minute phone consultation what would be the best course of action to take for your loved one and so don’t hesitate again that number at Life Launch Centers is 833-803-3883 this has been your mental health in the moment join us again next time right here on St George news radio this is Joe Newman signing off from Life Launch Centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity.

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