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August 10, 2018

Tech Addictions


> when social media, gaming, pornography, or any type of media inhibits healthy behavior.

Part of developing into an adult is learning life balance & boundaries. If you spend a lot of time thinking about media, use media to modify your mood, feel like you’re missing out on something when you’re not on that media, or let media conflict with school work then you’re experiencing a media problem.  It’s real and can negatively affect the way your brain develops.

When watching an episode of a television show turns into binge-watching the weekend away, something is off. If you’ve forgotten to go grocery shopping, keep appointments with friends, or lost excessive amounts of sleep because video games are compelling you to stay in, you may have a media-use compulsion.  When you prefer texting over face to face interactions and are constantly checking your phone in case you “missed something,” you may have been trapped by the fear of missing out.

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