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August 10, 2018



> the occasional or persistent thoughts of wanting to harm yourself or end your own life.

Suicides are becoming more and more prevalent in society as the mental health crisis continues to grow.  While we’ve exerted a lot of effort in educating the public on why there’s been a rise in suicides, we still have a lot of work to get rid of the shame around having suicidal thoughts and reaching out for help. 

Many parents wonder, “Is this just a phase my child is going through?  Are they just crying for help?”  The answer is, YES!  They are crying for help and is it really worth it to just wait and see if it’s a phase?  If you or your child have opened up about having thoughts of suicide, take it seriously, don’t wait and get the professional help you need to keep your loved ones safe.

Suicide emotionometer

Suicidal ideation is more common than you think.  Almost EVERYONE either at some point or regularly has suicidal thoughts.  This isn’t the problem.  It’s actually very natural because our bodies are hard wired to avoid pain.  When we are in a painful situation we don’t know how to get out of, our brain goes into problem solving mode to try to find the fastest and easiest way to get out of the painful situation.  Suicide is not a very healthy solution, but that’s why it happens.  We simply need to learn healthier ways to cope with the things that cause us pain in life.

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