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November 9, 2018


Is This Just A Phase?

Here’s Something To Help You Answer That Question

How do you know if what you’re experiencing is “normal,” if it is just a phase you’re going through, or if you might want to look into getting some help understanding your emotions?  Adolescent development is a complex process, and there are a lot of environmental elements to consider as well.  All of us experience mood swings and varying emotions from time to time.  Perhaps the most telling indicator is the length of time that you may have these uncomfortable emotions.


Many people wonder where they fall in the spectrum of difficult emotions like anxiety, depression, isolation, anger, and more.  The truth is all emotions have a helpful and a harmful side to them.  We should feel anxious, sad, and upset sometimes, but when we get stuck in difficult emotion or attach additional feelings to them, that’s when they can hinder us from reaching our goals or being true to our values.  The Emotionometers give you an idea of where that line falls between healthy and unhealthy emotion.