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Bring Resilience To Your School

School Assemblies

 through Emotional Resilience Presentations

Social Emotional Learning, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Awareness

The Life Launch Centers Resilience Model©

Building Emotional Resilience with Brain Based Research

Healthy Coping Tools

- Simple to learn
- Easy to use
- Research based

Emotional Toolbox

- Students Connect
- Parents Learn
- Schools Love

School Assemblies

Hire an in-person speaker. Our engaging presentations take students through a fascinating 45 minute journey, exploring brain development, emotional resilience exercises, and how to build healthy connections.

Parent Events

Our goal is to strengthen families and strengthen futures. Parents are the key to stronger more mentally healthy students, so when we support the parents we support the whole family system.

Class Presentations

Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Awareness, Healthy Technology Habits, Stress Management....With social emotional learning on top of everyone's mind, we can address a wide variety of emotional resilience topics.

Live-Virtual Events

Combining video resources, interactive audience participation tools and live responses, we can bring the power of the Resilience Model© to your school no matter where you are, and at a fraction of the cost.

Choose your resilience

Each school has their own specific needs in how to reach their students.  We can help.

In-Class Presentations

Public Presentations


Live-Virtual Events

Online Presentations


School Assemblies

School Presentation


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we have a whole library of podcasts, covering every aspect of the Resilience Model© to talking about todays hot parentig topics.

We’re committed to bring this invaluable mental health education to as many people as possible.  That’s why we’ve developed a solution for almost any situation.  Whether your student body is 60 or 6000, we can help.  

We teach emotional resilience and safe technology practices.  There’s a lot of ways to go with this so we’ll work with you to address the specific needs of your community, whether you want us to focus on mental health, bullying, suicide, technology traps….we handle all the hard stuff.

Long story short, our kids needed help and there was none, so we pooled the best resources to provide this program. 

Yes!.  We’re often looking for great therapists, so feel free to reach out!

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Our clients say

"This curriculum has changed our family lives. No more screaming, fighting, getting emotionally hijacked. We now have tools to work through the hard stuff."
Hilary Leigh
"The Resilience Curriculum is so powerful. I use it in my private practice with all my clients. It's next level. It's what every family system needs."
Hall Read
"Game Changer. Seriously, I don't know where I'd be without Life Launch. Well actually I'd probably be in my parents' basement still. So glad I learned these tools to get my life in order."
Quintin Angus
"The classes are fun and interesting. They cover a lot of helpful topics and bring in interesting professionals. Love the podcast!"
Jillie Tempest