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October 19, 2021

Resilience Model© Online Education


Take back control of your emotions and find hope, confidence and courage in life.

Take Back Control of Your Emotions

“Anxiety doesn’t control my life anymore. Now I CONTROL my anxiety”

Find More Hope & Confidence

Enjoy new found courage and confidence in life.

Build Emotional Resilience

Learn the exercises and tools to build lasting emotional resilience.


Social Emotional Worksheet - Download

Resilience all starts with aligning our values and our goals. This first lesson welcomes participants to Life Launch University and walks them through how to determine their top 2 values and begin working on 2 SMART goals.

50+ Emotional Resilience Video Lessons

Limited Time $95/month*

Build your emotional resilience right here!  Learn the tools to regulate intense emotion and improve mental health.


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  • 50+ Resilience Lessons
  • 50+ SEL Worksheets
  • 12 Guided Mindfulness
  • Suicide Prevention
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Join the movement to overcome anxiety & depression with the Life Launch Centers Resilience Model©

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Resilience Stories

"Our kids are stressed, tired of being at home…so their anxiety is through the roof….but the mindfulness exercises kinda helped keep us centered, focused and anchored. It’s a really good program"
"I’ve dealt with anxiety for the majority of my life but didn’t acknowledge It…until much later in life, and as I’m watching these videos and learning these tools…I wish so badly that I would have had these back when I was in school…"
"It helps me figure out my emotions…but this Life Launch has helped me...realize these crazy emotions I’m having…they’re not crazy, they’re understandable and they’re manageable."