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January 23, 2023

Outpatient Program

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Therapy Sessions

This specialty program is effective for clients with very mild anxiety or depression.  This level of care is intended for long-term ongoing maintenance after more intensive services have been completed and has much less support than the IOP.

If you’re looking to make progress, the IOP is for sure the best option for you.  

Outpatient Program (GOP)

When most people recognize they need some additional mental health support they almost automatically think about going to see a therapist once a week for an hour.  This is the lowest level of treatment and is called General Outpatient or GOP. 

GOP can be helpful to continue to see a counselor for ongoing maintenance after having been through the IOP or higher level of care.  

This can also be a helpful tool to ease patients in the IOP who might be overly concerned about the time commitment or group counseling.  

You're probably already paying for treatment

Insurance Coverage
GOP Benefit General Outpatient Program
  • Individual/Family Session each week
  • Able to work with almost ALL insurances
  • Most Insurances cover treatement with a GOP benefit

Parenting Today is Tough

There are new pressures on us and on today’s youth that we never had to deal with before.  It makes you wonder if it’s just normal for their generation or does my child need additional help?  The truth is they are not all that different from us as kids.  They are just being taught differently, and some major things have changed in our culture in the last 20 years. 

The good news is that there is help.  Teaching true principles and implementing powerful communication techniques through group counseling is the way to help our kids really take back control of their emotions and successfully LAUNCH INTO LIFE.

Our 8-12 week program is like the college course for kicking anxiety and depression to the curb.  In group, youth find empathy among their peers and learn that stress will always be a part of life. Facilitated by a counselor, they learn mindfulness practices and the Resilience Model© that will help them manage stress and meet life’s challenges head on.

We understand the struggle you’re going through as many of our own kids have dealt with the same effects of today’s culture.  Don’t wait, schedule a personalized assessment today and get your child the emotional tools they need to succeed.

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