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October 14, 2021

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Life Launch Centers Anxiety and Mental Health Counseling Resilience Model

Kade Janes

MS in Education, BS in Social work, Kade Janes is a veteran teacher, leader, and entrepreneur. With over 25 years in private school education, founder of life coaching certificate program AllGrownUp, he founded Iron Gate Outpatient Therapy Services and Iron Gate Therapeutic Housing for Young Adults to optimize young lives that need community integration with active learning and mentorship. 

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Iron Gate’s vibrancy is enhanced with the energy of both Cedar City’s Southern Utah University (SUU) and SWTech Institute–Kade’s purpose in creating a bridging, supported and healing program is seen and felt at Iron Gate and Life Launch Centers.  He is a passionate leader to support the youth and young adults of Iron County.

As suicide, anxiety and depression continue to rise, Iron Gate Therapeutic Housing & Outpatient Services has teamed up with Life Launch Centers to bring Intensive Outpatient Group Counseling to Cedar City, Utah.

Cedar City, UT. (January 1st, 2024) – The global mental health crisis continues to be a pressing issue, and Iron County, Utah is no exception. With this in mind, Iron Gate Therapeutic Housing & Outpatient Services is proud to announce the introduction of our Intensive Patient Program (IOP) to Cedar City, providing essential mental health and anxiety counseling services.

“Iron Gate is thrilled to bring this much-needed service to our community. The Life Launch Centers IOP will offer new hope and understanding to mental health concerns, uplifting our community with the emotional resilience we’ve all been seeking,” says Kade Janes, the Chief Executive Officer of Iron Gate Therapeutic Housing & Outpatient Services.

The Life Launch Centers IOP is a comprehensive mental health and wellness program designed to equip families grappling with mental health issues in Cedar City with critical coping skills and the most effective psychology principles. “We are excited to bring our evidence-based approach to Cedar City and deliver the highest quality mental health counseling services possible to individuals and their families,” says Joe Newman, the Chief Information Officer of Life Launch Centers.

“Our program acknowledges the severity of the current mental health crisis and provides a solution beyond traditional counseling methods. The IOP offers three group classes plus one individual session per week, akin to intensifying efforts for physical health improvement. We understand that to combat the mental health crisis effectively, we must apply more dedicated effort,” Newman adds.

The IOP is personalized to address the unique needs of each patient and offers a spectrum of services, including individual counseling, group therapy, online services and even the EmotionalResilienceApp. Our team of highly skilled mental health professionals at Iron Gate is committed to providing compassionate care and support to each patient in Cedar City.

“We firmly believe that the Life Launch Centers IOP will benefit the Cedar City community in myriad ways, providing crucial mental health and anxiety counseling resources to those in need. We encourage members of the community to schedule an assessment promptly to utilize the current available space,” says Kade Janes.

To schedule an assessment or to learn more about the Life Launch Centers IOP and our mental health and anxiety counseling services in Cedar City, please contact us at (833) 803-3883 or visit our website at

About Life Launch Centers: Life Launch Centers is dedicated to improving mental health and wellness in communities, offering comprehensive mental health services, including anxiety counseling, in various locations across Utah.


Joe Newman – Chief Information Officer

Kade Janes – Chief Executive Officer – Iron Gate Therapeutic Housing & Outpatient Services

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