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August 3, 2022

Michael Dinsmore Now With Life Launch Centers

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release

Life Launch Centers  |  8/16/22 2:40:00 PM

Life Launch Centers Announces Michael Dinsmore as Director of Community Relations

Life Launch Centers is excited to announce the hiring of Michael Dinsmore as Director of Community Relations.

“Michael has been a loved member of the health community throughout Utah for many years.  We’re excited he wanted to join us in our quest for building stronger families and stronger futures by getting the word out about the tremendously successful Life Launch Centers Resilience Model©,” said CIO, Joe Newman.  “We’re opening new centers throughout Utah and next into Idaho in an effort to positively impact the current mental health crisis we’re facing.  Michael’s strong network in the health community will help families find hope and effective mental health services they desperately are looking for.”

As director of community relations Dinsmore’s responsibilities will include visiting hospitals, physicians, churches, schools and government entities to connect  families in need with research based and effective mental health services.  He will be educating the community on the Life Launch Centers Resilience Model© programs now available at their locations in West Jordan, Orem, Cedar City, Hurricane, St. George as well as online telehealth.

“These programs are just what the doctor ordered for this mental health crisis families are now facing.  Most of us have loved ones, kids, siblings, spouses, that have been gripped by anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges.  The Life Launch Centers Resilience Model© is incredibly effective in teaching healthy coping skills and helping connect families with a common language around their feelings,” says Dinsmore.  “I’ve never seen anything like it.  It includes all of today’s most powerful psychology principles from DBT, CBT, Neuroscience and emotional resilience.  It really is incredible, that’s why I knew I had to join Life Launch Centers and spread the word.”

Dinsmore has established strong relationships throughout Utah’s health community for the last six years, as he had previously been working as Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital’s community liaison. He worked with the mental health authorities and communicated the discharges and admissions they had going on at the hospital.  There he also coordinated and executed the CE classes for therapists and school counselors.

“Right now, families keep hearing there isn’t enough help for anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.  Well that’s no longer true.  Everyday families are learning emotional resilience and taking back control of their lives at Life Launch Centers,” says CEO Ben Harris.  “And we have room in our IOP groups, GOP counseling, and we even developed online courses anyone can take.  We’ve got to change that perception that there’s no help out there, and start encouraging people to get rid of the stigma against mental health and go get the help they need.  Michael has been doing this for years and we’re really excited that he has now joined us in ending the mental health crisis.”


Joe Newman – Chief Information Officer

Michael Dinsmore – Director of Community Relations

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