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January 6, 2020

The Mental Health Moment January 6th, 2020

January 6th, 2020

Life Launch Centers Intensive Outpatient Program

Life Launch Centers Intensive Outpatient Program

Host - Joe Newman (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Guest - Arden Smith - Founder and Compliance Officer at Life Launch Centers
Topic - What does Intensive Outpatient Program mean and how Group Counseling is the secret sauce to overcoming anxiety and depression with youth and young adults.

Welcome welcome, to the mental health moment. It’s mental health Monday and I’m your host Joe Newman, from Life Launch Centers and on this show we talked about how to deal with hard emotions how to improve your mental health and really just find answers for life. You know there’s a lot of people out there this time of year looking to turn over a new Leaf or make a fresh start of sorts and for those of us out there that anxiety and depression is taking over it’s time to really do something about it and on this show we talked a lot about all the different aspects of our emotional resilience curriculum to teach at life centers try to get some information out there for people but I realized it if you’re not professionally trained in this it can be kind of hard to know how to implement it at home so today I want to dedicate this show to answer the questions out there about what anxiety treatment looks like at life on centers and help the listeners I really find some answers to get a handle on how to start overcoming Anxiety so today in studio I have with me Arden Smith founder and compliance officer at life launch centers Arden, thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you Joe thanks for having me absolutely and Arden you’re one of the original Founders at life on centers in play a key role in setting up the program yeah and it’s a very unique program as a group counseling intensive outpatient program I want to get a little bit you like what that actually means but why did you choose to set it up that way. Well it’s interesting because when you when you talk about intensive that scares a lot of people there that like they’re going to be experiencing some intense things at this program. what does intensive mean.  So intensive, that’s a term used by insurance companies. We provide more than just a weekly individual counseling session we’re really looking at providing what we have the Mandate we have is 9 hours of direct face-to-face contact with a plant and its family per week per week all wow so that’s that is intense It Isn’t So participants in the group, three to four times a week yes to fulfill the at 9 hour a week requirement absolutely and what is cured for is when traditional therapy is just not enough or if there’s a step down which was what I was looking for is a parent a couple of years ago when I had one of my kids struggling as he was in Hatton that residential setting and I’m more an intensive inpatient setting after it’s been there a couple of days I just asked him what you know what’s different because you look different yeah he said Dad it’s been able to sit in a group with other kids some are worse than I am some are better than I am but understanding I’m not alone in this I’m not there’s hope for me yeah it’s not a hopeless situation but I’m not a freak anymore because there’s other kids going through the same thing and that’s what that group environment actually gives us. So powerful and it really hits close to home for you absolutely yes save my kid that’s amazing it and really yeah that I seen that happen at life launch centers that group setting really is the secret sauce to the program where you know if it’s it’s not just sitting around telling some old guy your problems you know where them trying to drag stuff out of it kids when they first come to group they’re very quiet and kind of sit back and observe but it only takes like 20 minutes before they hear other people expressing their own frustrations and the feelings that they feel inside and and then they feel really safe and it’s like okay I can open up about this absolutely I mean it’s kind of comical when you think about it you got a kid that struggling with anxiety and you’re saying what we put you in with another bunch of kids and talk about your anxiety you to watch their anxiety level go out the roof yeah exactly and some even older maybe some younger but as they start talking about their problems it opens up a whole new world for them to be able to say it’s okay to talk about the struggles I’m going through and sometimes when I’m just not in the mood actually learn from listening to Jonny talk about his problems are Susie talking about her problems and it gives me that hope that yeah I can’t talk about this and was going to make fun of me know he’s going to judge me and so yeah when when parents were first looking in the kids first bad anxiety actually safe environment that you talked about that container where it’s free to talk about anything you want there’s no judgment there’s no humiliation there’s no making fun yeah and it’s just a safe and I love that it’s kind of like the springboard to the beginning of their emotional resilience and you know that the alternatives are interesting how a lot of times when people get to the point where they know they need help they’re trying to find like what’s the safest to the easiest way to solve this problem and lower-level treatment doesn’t necessarily help and so it kind of prolongs the problem in and that’s an interesting thing at the other thing we hear a lot of family stop by their biggest pain point is that they they don’t want to be in therapy forever you know and doing a think about going to a counselor they realized oh man this is going to be a years of counseling but we get people through programming how long 8 to 12 weeks depending on them if they were to come to all of the groups and individual counseling they can actually get through an 8 weeks but we find is kids again these kids are hesitant to come to group when they come to group when I get to the end they’re looking at their parents in their therapist and saying wait a minute you know I really need to learn more about this one aspect can I stay longer absolutely you can it’s interesting to you talk about it’s not just a kid that’s going through this we run a parent group as well yeah and when those parents get in front of other parents and they start listening to the stories all of a sudden they’re not the only ones that felt like I will we must have made a mistake mistake and the worst mistake we can make is to not talk about it not do something bright in the exact same thing their kids are coming the group getting healthy parents are coming to group talking to other parents and therapist and all of a sudden they’re able to talk about issues and learn some tools and the tools we teach they’re not just specific for the the kid that scrap prices or the evidence-based tools skills-based tools that they can learn and use in any aspect of their life I wish I would have had these twenty years ago yeah before I even started into Parenthood and they really got involved in my in my own professional career I wish I had these tools are we talked a lot about this stuff on a radio show previously so you’re welcome to jump on our website at life on centers. Calm and kind of get an idea through the archives of the radio show but why me work distress tolerance tools were talking about a recognizing what it means to be emotionally hijacked to understand brain development were talking about how to talk out stories in your head all these different aspects of the resilience model which is an evidence-based model that’s drive from the most current research and dialectical behavior therapy cognitive-behavioral therapy some of the great work from brene Brown so the leading researchers out there in the industry so I love that that the program is its evidence-based I guess it’s we’re not just talking about problems we’re really learning how to overcome them and think about traditional therapy when I want the council there is definitely a place for that but when you’re trying to learn a new trade or you’re trying to learn a new language which sometimes it can feel that way when you’re learning new tools deal with emotions you need practice until that group setting where you’re coming for a couple of hours a night instead of just an hour or where you’re checking in and really you’re getting 15-20 minutes to talk about some issues and come up with a plan you have to wait till next week or even next month talk about it again will hear they’re able to talk about it practice it and every group are living in new tool so in their toolbox they’re going to have 30 Tools in their toolbox and walk out of this program yeah and hopefully you’ve got your five go to’s right and out of those you got your top free sew-in in the stressful situation whether it’s anxiety depression whatever it might be you’re going to have a go-to because you have learned it your practiced it and then there’s some accountability pieces on that as well that’s what some parents I’ve heard really really like about the program because in group it’s they get opportunities to practice these principles and one of the moms who recently gave a testimonial she said that exact same thing they had tried therapy traditional therapy they tried psychiatrist in cuz they were actually able to spend time in practicing these tools in group with other people that it really all clicked and it became part of it became a part of their way of it that they use those tools so you know another really exciting thing that happened that you were a big part of Arden is that we recently received our carpet credit day should help me help me understand what that means so carf is an international actually International accrediting body that looks at programs and they have their standards it’s a book that’s about 2 and 1/2 in thick yeah and that they really want the program to tell them how they meet all of their standards so it’s that the commission on accreditation for rehabilitation facilities that’s what car stands for okay so they come in they do a survey they looked at all your program structure they look at the business structure they look at everything and if you meet their standards then you can achieve accreditation with them that that helps you feel good about your practice but it sets up a best standard not just here in St George Utah but Across the Nation is the how good your program stands up and we actually achieved the three-year accreditation so that’s awesome I mean that really goes to show the quality of the programming that you’re putting together and I love it love it so you know I’ve got to take a quick break here but he’s got a great gift for anyone listening right now we’re offering free copy of the emotional Navigator it’s a 20 Page booklet that helps you navigate what is healthy and unhealthy emotional behavior and gives an introduction to the resume curriculum at life on centers you can order it online at our website like want centers. Com or just give us a call at 833-803-3883 so if you or a loved one struggling with anxiety depression social isolation now is the best time to get help don’t wait give us a call and we’ll help strategize with you what would be the best course of action to help you loved one that number again is 833-803-3883 next time we’ll come right back with Arden Smith to talk more about anxiety and depression treatment will be back in a minute I just don’t know what to do with her what’s going on almost every day Maddie wakes up and she said she’s sick and she doesn’t want to go to school I’m sorry what are you going to do about it and think about where do counselor I think it’s anxiety or depression or something and didn’t get very far honestly it wasn’t the counselors fault sounds like lunch centers and got him in the group counseling that we started to see a real change it took a little encouragement to tell you group helped him realize he’s not alone in his struggle and even made some really good friends inside and depression and life pain centers in just two three months your family can learn the emotional tool to successfully launched into life so don’t wait start now by calling 833-803-3883 all right welcome back to your mental health moment this is Joe Newman from Life wants centers talking today with Arden Smith one of the co-founders of my wife wants centers and does a compliance officer at life wants to nurse an RN and thanks again for joining us today thank you Joe you know we’ve been talking about the first half what the program at life actually looks like a lot of the listeners out there they’ve heard a lot of our content and point you know principle that we teach on the show but but with it being the new year there’s a lot of people just looking for some help like is there like it’s it’s time to get over this thing and I was like it’s New Year’s we’re going to kick this thing in the bud let’s let’s get it back going we need to set some new goals and you know that’s one of the most amazing things about the program I love that life on Sims that its goals driven you know what what do help us understand what that means what that looks like for families when they come in then they’re looking for treatment how do goals play part now absolutely you know what this time of the year is excited about new gold but after like two weeks they always drop off a young man or woman we really want to help them establish their top two goals and it’s based on their values are so we don’t make a goal for them know it’s not but Mom and Dad going and say you’re going to learn this although they do have a safe how to address but the individual treatment they’re going to say here’s my top two goals based on my values and that’s so helpful because it helps them own it absolutely and so is her going to treatment you know when there starts to be say elapsed here in there then we always come back to you as is with your behavior right now is that in alignment with your goals is that going to help you achieve and is that an alignment with your values and so everything’s right that treatment process is going to be based on those goals now I will say your goals coming into treatment they might be simple and so happy you’re saying those goals but that’s not my real goal my goal might be this and so we’re always looking to evaluate those goals I love how in the program we teach how values are kind of like the direction that you want to head towards right select north east south or west right so the values are like communication and friendship rights we help help you use there’s a young adult understand what what they want to choose as their you know help them choose their their values and then the goals are kind of like the turning points in the road to help you move that direction Absol right so it’s like for my goal of communication I want to be able to ask a girl on a date right because I really hard time just communicating with the opposite sex and so they all set that goal and once they achieve that goal and it’s like okay great. What’s my next call to go from here to school for a full week without calling in sick or I want to get out of my mom and dad’s basement and actually go do something with some friends because I haven’t done that for a month yeah or maybe it’s two or three so yeah those goals can start out simple and and if we can do that then it’s easy to to meet those in so then we both on those so now it’s not just go for a week to school without Covenant let’s try for a month and hopefully with a new tools of their learning and group and individual therapist then they’re able to re-evaluate that this becomes one of their tools absolutely and we are we talked about the emotional tools this goal setting is a very important part of that starts with it so you know you know what the other big question parents have out there is how they pay for this thing how much does this thing cost how do you know how much is going to send it back and honestly I totally relate like there’s a lot of things that you don’t demand are our financial attention but but one thing I love about this program is that it’s covered by Insurance absolutely and I’ll tell you not just covered I’ll go back to to my son when he was in treatment now when we had to go up there and get him stabilized when we were looking to bring him back I get a letter in the mail for my insurance company saying this is Doctor so and so and it was from this insurance company I’m going to put them on the hook here but it was basically saying we understand that your son has been in treatment here we want you to know that we support you and are looking forward to you telling us where you’re going to send him for the next step down they were actually asking us to provide the information so that they can hurry and approve it so that he could continue to get the help you need to not fall in his face again so these insurance companies talk about ensuring that’s always a scary one Johny Johny diversity she is awesome but we need to help people walk down through there but this is one thing that we’ve taken very serious so as soon as we open the door we wanted to get panel with insurances in right now you know the one that one of my pehp we’re panel with Select Health door panel with Blue Cross Blue Shield for panel with us on their websites Emi that was one of the big drivers for us to get accreditation yeah you know that the whole School District employees those are all on Educators Mutual insurance and so with us being accredited now we can qualify to to get the single case agreement and hopefully get in network with him as well. Awesome a lot of people out there absolutely but we don’t want we don’t want cost to stand in the way of getting treatment so because we’re one of the only ones down here that are doing intensive outpatient for mental health only and that’s the other key or not just lumping a man with a bunch of of other you know we’re not lumping them with a substance abuse get this is really for mental help, because you’re one of the only ones that are doing that insurances are working very well with us when we’re not in that work will getting what’s called a single case agreement where they will look at it and say you’re the only provider doing that down there so we will treat you benefits from an in-network instead of an out-of-network provider you know another Healthcare situations I’ve been in some organizations really just kind of say it’s up to you to handle it with your insurance but but I’m so impressed with how Joni and the team her life on centers will just kind of had a lot of it for you and absolutely and that takes a lot of the stress off I will say this to I don’t think parents understand how much power they have their insurance company one of the things again just I’ve been in this industry for for 26 years when it’s the family calling Insurance doing and really not taking no for an answer or just send my son or my daughter needs this we’re paying you and just be in that squeaky will I exist you know that’s an interesting thing I hear from the hospital to how those that may be attempted suicide or I have been in crisis end up in their Center for stabilization and then when they released their to it’s a big frustration they don’t want to see that person back in their facility because they realize the seriousness of the crisis and so you know the insurance companies and the the hospital is really in their best interest to utilize those step down Services absolutely and the whole step down in patient is when they’re staying at the facility and they’re they’re like 24 hours and with constant supervision yes outpatient the Intensive outpatient that we run is the next step down where they’re going for like like you said three or four times a week and are able to receive a much more intense of a protist I always liking it to the college course training if you’re going to learn important principles are new discipline how long would it take you to learn those principles if you were just going to a college Course once a week for an hour and take you long time in a long time but there’s a reason why I jakason set it up where you’re going to that class three times a week for you know a couple hours and because when you cram that knowledge in a in a concentrated time frame then it gives you the ability to really internalized those principles about the Intensive approach what is what do we mean you know you’ll see our website you’ll hear from him front on this radio show answers for Life what is that slogan mean to you answer but we try to do is have practical answers for the everyday struggles in life when when life isn’t going the direction you wanted to go any need some additional tools and help we really want it to be able to help you have the answers we’ve got all kinds of answers but if they’re not your answers are not going to stick a lot of work going to give you enough tools that you have the answers for your life I love that so it’s not that we have all the answers but we help you come upon your answer after with the tools that we yep that’s great thank you so much for joining me on the show today you what you’ve done with the program is just absolutely amazing I love seeing the families and the used to come through the program and the girls that they experience I love hearing the success but they are the experiences we’ve been in we’ve been gone for a little over two years now over two years and that’s why hundreds of and it’s been a blessing to my life to be able to see to get back a little bit to my own community so I really do enjoy this and love love artini well thank you for all you do and thanks for being on the show today you got to wrap it up and I hope the listeners out there got some helpful ideas on how to improve your families mental health and again you can claim your copy of the emotional Navigator 220 page booklet totally free you can get that either on our website at life on stairs. Com or you can give us a call at 833-803-3883 and we’ll be happy to get to you in a physical copy it kind of gives you insights and helps families navigate these difficult emotions so if you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety depression lying social isolation or School struggles any other difficult emotions just give us a call at 8:30 803-3883 I would be happy to talk to you over the phone give you a kind of a phone consultation help you know what would be the best course of action to take the number again 833-803-3883 next Monday at 5:30 p.m. right here on St George news radio this is Joe Newman Simon signing off from Life want centers until next time keep those kids safe and keep your sanity.

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