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December 13, 2018



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Utah County - Now Open

Clinical Director : Davee Chandler, LCSW
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West Jordan

Clinical Director : Mike Flint, LCMHC
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St. George

Clinical Director : Leslie VandeMerwe, LCMHC
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Anxiety and Mental Health Counseling Center in Cedar City, Life Launch Centers

Cedar City - Now Open

Clinical Director : Kade Janes
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Clinical Director : Thurmon Thomas, LMFT
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Not Seeing A Center Near You?

Janna Hughes

Client Relations Coordinator - Janna has worked in the mental health industry for several years doing admissions and intake. She is currently pursuing a degree in Marriage and Family Studies online.

More About Janna

Janna is the mother of 4 wonderful kids and has helped them navigate a wide variety of mental health concerns. She and her family have benefited personally from the supports and resilience education at Life Launch Centers. Janna loves watching historical documentaries, reading, and spending time with family.

What's it like inside one of the Life Launch Centers?

Kaelin, a Life Launch Centers graduate, takes you inside the West Jordan center to see what it’s like. 

See the group room, the curriculum and meet the staff.  

It’s a great example of how we’re working to make Stronger Families and Stronger Futures.

Life Launch Centers - Utah County

Address: 383 N. State Street, Suite 201, Orem, UT 84057

Direct Tel: 801-703-4830

Office Hours: Mon-Fri / 9 am – 5 pm

By Appointment Only

Our Team

Davee Chandler - Anxiety & Mental Health Counseling Center

Davee Chandler

Clinical Director Utah County - LCSW, Davee began his career as a Youth Advocate, working with at-risk youth in their homes, over 30 years ago. Davee has been a powerful advocate for those experiencing severe trauma, childhood crises & addiction.

More about Davee

His work as a founding member of Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) and other advocacy organizations continues to further the support for families. As an outdoor enthusiast, you can find Davee mountaineering, biking, taking gorgeous nature photos and introducing friends and clients to the beauties of Utah.

Sarah Donato - Anxiety & Mental Health Counseling Center

Sarah Donato

Therapist - CSW, Sarah is passionate about helping others and will tell you that 'people' are her hobby and life work. She loves to encourage and celebrate the successes of those around her. She wants everyone to know about the Resilience Model.

More about Sarah

She has three children and understands how difficult but rewarding it is to be a parent. Sarah has worked with children, teenagers, and young adults. Sarah has also worked with LGBTQ youth and is understanding of the issues they face, including potential conflict with religious beliefs. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, eating chocolate, being creative with cardboard, and watching zombie movies.

Teresa Hoffman - Anxiety & Mental Health Counseling Center

Teresa Hoffman

Therapist - ACMHC, Teresa specializes in Marriage and Family and professional clinical counseling from National University in La Jolla California. She spent 10 years as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy.

More about Teresa

She became a counselor due to a diagnosis of PTSD, Major Depression and Anxiety with Panic attacks post Afghanistan deployment. She developed a desire to help others who have suffered to find a path to recovery. 

I enjoy reading, fitness, spending time with my family.
Dallas Keate Anxiety & mental health counseling

Dallas Keate

Dallas Keate has had 2 years of experience in the mental health industry and is a Life Launch alumni. Dallas has been studying and working to achieve his goal of becoming a licensed therapist so he can continue to help others throughout his career. 

More about Dallas

So far, Dallas has earned his Associates Degree at Utah Valley University and plans to continue his studies at BYU in the fall. Dallas loves to spend his time outdoors. Whether that's camping, hiking, or fishing. But mostly he enjoys spending time with his wife. 

Life Launch Centers - West Jordan, Utah

Address: 9289 South Redwood Road, Suite E, West Jordan, UT 84088

Direct – 801-703-4830

Office Hours: Mon-Fri / 9 am – 5 pm

By Appointment Only

Our Team

anxiety treatment clinician mike flint

Mike Flint

Clinical Director West Jordan - LCMHC - From experiences as a teenage summer camp director to teaching martial arts for over a decade Mike has been able to blend leadership and experiential teaching talents into his therapeutic approach.

More about Mike

Mike’s training in CBT, DBT and group dynamics have allowed him to work with individuals and families who are struggling with mood disorders like anxiety, depression, severe trauma and loss. He holds special certifications in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Mike continues to teach and participate in martial arts while enjoying his newer role as a father alongside his wife.

Kimball DeLaMare

Chief Clinical Director - LCSW Kimball is an experienced clinician, administrator and program developer with over 35 years of experience in providing mental health services to clients in a variety of settings.

More about Kimball

Mr. DeLaMare was the founding Board President of NATSAP, a co-founder of several treatment programs and an innovator in treatment delivery. Kimball has visited over 350 programs nationwide and is a regular presenter at national and regional conferences. He is deeply in love with his wife Lisa of 28 years along with his kids and grandkids.

Elisse Cook - Anxiety & Mental Health Counseling Center

Elisse Cook

I was born and raised in Southern California, but have lived all over the country in my adult life. I play piano and guitar - music is a big part of my life. I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my family, friends, and dog. 

More about Elisse

I received my undergrad in Psychology from BYU-Idaho in 2015 and my Master's in Social Work from Walden University in 2023. I provide therapy to adolescents and young adults where I specialize in trauma, LGBTQIA+, divorce, anxiety, and depression. 

Whitney Cooper Anxiety & mental health counseling

Whitney Cooper

As the office manager in both West Jordan & Orem, Whitney coordinates clinical services, assists families in accessing mental resources and actively networks with other providers and insurance companies to ensure high quality care.

More about Whitney

Following the completion of her Bachelor’s degree in psychology Whitney has worked in intense, residential treatment settings, young adult transition programming. In her spare time Whitney’s certification as a Master Esthetician is put to use in her own studio. From her quick wit to her engaging style Whitney continues to make a difference!

Life Launch Centers - St. George, Utah

Address: 230 N 1680 East Building J, St. George, UT 84790

Direct – 435-767-0552

Office Hours: Mon-Fri / 9 am – 5 pm

By Appointment Only

Our Team

Leslie VandeMerwe, LCMHC counselor anxiety, depression, suicide, therapist

Leslie VandeMerwe

Clinical Director St. George - LCMHC she has worked with all ages in a variety of settings including residential, in home family preservation, private practice and outpatient therapy. Leslie has experience working with depression, self-harm, anxiety, OCD, PTSD/Trauma, bipolar disorder and eating disorders.

More about Leslie

She incorporates a variety of treatment modalities in including, DBT, CBT, IFS and EAP.  Leslie uses her ability to empathize and connect with others to assist them in the process of owning their own stories, embracing their vulnerabilities, healing, and in finding purpose and joy.

Leslie enjoys spending time with her three kids, camping, hiking and running.

Samantha Austin csw, therapist for anxiety, depression, trauma

Samantha Austin

CSW, Samantha has worked with children, youth, and young adults in a variety of settings including residential and outpatient. She loves her work and the opportunity to join individuals and families as they find new and meaningful ways...

More about Samantha

to engage with one another and with life.
In her free time, Samantha loves reading, and exploring the outdoors. She loves paddle boarding, SCUBA diving, and anything else outdoors!

Amanda Profile Pic

Amanda Cavicchi

LMFT, Amanda started her mental health career as a Music Therapist, but quickly decided that she wanted to delve deeper into the psychological aspects of the human experience and returned to school to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

More about Amanda

Amanda has worked with adults, adolescents, couples and families in a variety of settings including school based mental health to forensics. She uses her background in creative psychotherapies to provide perspective to mental wellness. She has utilized this approach to help both children and adults overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues.

Hunter Mitchell program assistant

Hunter Mitchell

Hunter is a program assistant student at the Life Launch Center in St. George. He has been studying psychology at Utah Tech University for the last 4 years and loves being a part of the group counseling programs.

More about Hunter

Hunter loves being in the outdoors, especially hiking. He is also a musician having formerly been in a band. He and his wife are currently working on some new musical material together.

Life Launch Centers - Cedar City, Utah

Partnering with Iron Gate Therapy

Address: 415 N Main St., Suite 101, Cedar City, UT  84721

Direct – 833-803-3883

Office Hours: Mon-Fri / 9 am – 5 pm

By Appointment Only

Kade Janes

MS in Education, BS in Social work, Kade Janes is a veteran teacher, leader, and entrepreneur. With over 25 years in private school education, founder of life coaching certificate program AllGrownUp, he founded Iron Gate Outpatient Therapy Services and Iron Gate Therapeutic Housing for Young Adults to optimize young lives that need community integration with active learning and mentorship. 

More about Kade

Iron Gate’s vibrancy is enhanced with the energy of both Cedar City’s Southern Utah University (SUU) and SWTech Institute–Kade’s purpose in creating a bridging, supported and healing program is seen and felt at Iron Gate and Life Launch Centers.  He is a passionate leader to support the youth and young adults of Iron County.

Bracken Lovell therapist in hurricane and virtual

Bracken Lovell

MFT, Bracken has worked in various roles with at-risk adolescents with anxiety and depression as well as adults with severe mental illness and addiction.

More about Bracken

He specializes in working with couples with relationship distress. Bracken takes great pride in helping others find deeper meaning and success in life. Bracken loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, and competing in sports.

Partnering with Ascend Counseling & Wellness 83 S 2600 W #103, Hurricane, UT 84737

Direct – 435-233-6050

Office Hours: Mon-Fri / 9 am – 5 pm

By Appointment Only

Life Launch Centers - Administration

Ben Harris

LSUDC - Ben is a licensed counselor that has been working primarily with youth and young adults since starting his career in 1987. During that time, he has worked in in-patient, residential, wilderness, intensive outpatient, and regular outpatient programs.

More about Ben

He has spent many of those years in management positions including executive director and national director responsible for the safe and effective operations of several programs. He is a strong advocate of helping people gain necessary skills and tools that will empower them to lead happy, joyful, successful lives.
He has been married for over 30 years, has three grown children and six grandchildren. His life is dedicated to making families stronger and happier, including his own. He loves reading and traveling.

Joe Newman

Chief Information Officer - Joe has a BA in Human Development and Family Studies and an AS in Business & Marketing. After nearly 20 years in marketing he finally found how those two degrees go together.

More about Joe

Joe is a professional photographer, video producer, design artist and has an extensive background in advertising. Joe's greatest achievement and joy is raising his 9 children with his amazing wife, Emily. They live to play with their kids on the boat, coaching wrestling, going to soccer games, piano recitals and making music together.

Joni Dyches

Financial Director - With over 20 years of finance experience, Joni brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Life Launch Centers. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with an emphasis in accounting.

More about Joni

Joni provides management, control and administration for all financial operations of the program. Joni manages all client accounts including processing insurance claims and handling individual payment options.
Helping those struggling with anxiety and depression hits home for Joni as her own children have been able to overcome it with the principles taught at Life Launch Centers.

anxiety counseling services - Sunni Brann administrative assistant

Sunni Brann

Sunni is the Administrative Assistant in the Life Launch Centers location in St. George, Utah. She has 20+ years customer service experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

More about Sunni

Sunni loves to be in a setting where can assist whatever is needed. She's a mom to 5 kids, 3 who are adults now, so she knows how hard it can be to navigate your way as a parent. She loves learning about the Resilience Model and how she can apply it in life. St. George is a beautiful area and she loves being in the desert and exploring the red rocks and learning about the history of people that settled here.

Arden Smith

MBA, ALSUDC - Arden is a licensed counselor with experience in secure-care, residential, and outpatient environments. Arden has an MBA in Healthcare Management and has worked from severe psychiatric to substance abuse treatment.

More about Arden

He also served as the chair of the residential best practice committee of a large corporation and helped develop and implement best practice standards for several residential programs. He enjoys and is committed to spending time with his large blended family and became a very happy grandfather in 2017. He has an eye for detail and loves to build. Working with his hands is good therapy.

Kimball DeLaMare

Chief Clinical Director - LCSW Kimball is an experienced clinician, administrator and program developer with over 35 years of experience in providing mental health services to clients in a variety of settings.

More about Kimball

Mr. DeLaMare was the founding Board President of NATSAP, a co-founder of several treatment programs and an innovator in treatment delivery. Kimball has visited over 350 programs nationwide and is a regular presenter at national and regional conferences. He is deeply in love with his wife Lisa of 28 years along with his kids and grandkids.

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