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November 24, 2021

Happy Holidays

Holiday wishes from us

We’re so grateful to be a part of this great work in mental health and strengthening families and strengthening futures.

Below the video are a few gifts to help in your practice and profession.

-Downloadable Resource-

Give Your Clients a Resiliency Gift

The holidays can be “the most wonderful time of the year” and also one of the hardest with loss, finances, and hard relationships.  This can help!

Identifying Holiday Values

What Makes Your Holidays Meaningful? – an exercise to help us determine what will help us feel most fulfilled during the holiday season.

Living Your Values During this Season

Narrowing down what 2 values you want to cultivate this holiday season, how to protect them, see warning signs, and get back on track.

Make a Resiliency Plan

Find triggering events, define what it looks like when you get emotionally hijacked, and what distress tolerance tools can help you act instead of react.

Sharing the good stuff

Happy Hacks from Dr. Dave Schramm is a great message of how to turn the bitter things in life into becoming better.  

Positive Framework

Dr. Jeff Linkenbach –  The Soul of Prevention: Engaging the Science of the Positive Framework


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

This success map can help clients align their goals with their values, identify key target behaviors to move towards their goals, and a daily success tracker to quantify their efforts.

We hope this resource can help you and your clients succeed in personal development.

Happy Holidays from