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Tons of content to learn about Resilience, Mindfulness, Parenting Workshops, The Life Launch Centers Resilience Model© and more!

Create Your Emotional Toolbox

DBT, CBT, Resilience. We incorporate the most current and effective principles from modern psychology to help each individual create their own Emotional Toolbox, full of effective coping skills that work for them.

Paid & Free Elearning options

Our goal is to strengthen families and strengthen futures. We're trying to get these powerful principles in front of as many people as fast as we can, and still keep the lights on. That's why there are several free resources available as well as those that you can purchase and contribute to our cause.

Research Based Principles

The principles taught in these courses aren't just a lot of talk, they are researched and evidence based models that have been effective in the lives of children, adolescents, young adults and their families.

It all adds up

Today's mental health crisis is getting out of control and every little effort we take adds to strengthening families and strengthening futures. Whether you simply utilize all the free content here or invest in the eLearning resources, it all adds resilience to your emotional and mental health.

Enter Here for Resilience

This isn’t just lip service.  We’re teaching actual tools to build resilience.  Tools like mindfulness, distress tolerance tools, empathy, brain development and how to build healthy connections. So Dig In!

Parenting Workshops

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Guided Mindfulness


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we have a whole library of podcasts, covering every aspect of the Resilience Model© to talking about todays hot parentig topics.

We take insurance for the Intensive Out-patient groups, so every situation differs.  We do a verification of benefits before you start so you know exactly what the finances look like.  It could be nothing depending on your deductible and co-pays, or up to our cash pay price of around $7000.

Pardon our mess, some of the resources are still under construction and coming soon.

Long story short, our kids needed help and there was none, so we pooled the best resources to provide this program. 

Yes!.  We’re often looking for great therapists, so feel free to reach out!

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Our clients say

"This curriculum has changed our family lives. No more screaming, fighting, getting emotionally hijacked. We now have tools to work through the hard stuff."
Hilary Leigh
"The Resilience Curriculum is so powerful. I use it in my private practice with all my clients. It's next level. It's what every family system needs."
Hall Read
"Game Changer. Seriously, I don't know where I'd be without Life Launch. Well actually I'd probably be in my parents' basement still. So glad I learned these tools to get my life in order."
Quintin Angus
"The classes are fun and interesting. They cover a lot of helpful topics and bring in interesting professionals. Love the podcast!"
Jillie Tempest