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March 13, 2020


Intensive Outpatient Program & COVID-19

Face-To-Face Group Counseling Restarts May 18th, 2020

Dear Families and Loved Ones,
We have received an email from the Department of Human Services that we can reopen all of the Life Launch Centers to provide face to face group counseling beginning May 18th, 2020 with a few additional precautions. 
One of the requirements will be to wear a mask. Please prepare for this by acquiring one to bring each time you attend a group or session. (If there is an issue with you being able to provide a mask, please let us know.) 
Also, We will be deep cleaning and sanitizing chairs, door knobs, and bathrooms. We will sanitize before every group. We will also be checking temperatures with a thermometer. If anyone is running a fever we will send them home…
Feel free to give us a call for additional questions
Thank you for all your patience and understanding through these challenging times!
We are excited to see you all very soon.
Life Launch Centers Team

Prior Notices

Greetings Licensees, 

As I mentioned in my previous email, although the Governor’s Executive Order to move the state from high-risk “red” to moderate risk “orange” health guidelineswent into effect last week, many of your operations involve individuals in high risk categories, and we continue to ask licensees to hold on the majority of changes or relaxing of current protocols until you receive specific guidance from us. 

However, we understand the need for programs to begin easing some restrictions for the mental well-being of the individuals they serve. As a step in this direction, please see our new Moderate Risk Visitation Guidance, guidance for Protecting High-Risk Individuals, and resources for accessing Personal Protective Equipment below. For all other protocols, we ask that you continue adhering to the information  provided on the DHS Provider COVID-19 FAQ and COVID-19 Guidance for Congregate Settings.

Thank you for your partnership. 

Amanda Slater
Director, Office of Licensing 

New Guidelines for Visits to Programs Under “Orange” Moderate Risk

PLEASE NOTE: If a setting cares for high-risk individuals, the setting should continue following “red” procedures, including restricting visitation and interaction outside the home or facility. 

  • In-person visitation is still discouraged, and virtual visits are still highly encouraged, especially for those in congregate settings, as residing in a congregate setting can be a risk factor in itself for COVID-19 exposure. 
    • Providers should work to facilitate virtual visits that are more frequent than in-person visits would have been, and consider if they can be unmonitored so the individual has the opportunity to have a more natural interaction with their family, friends, and other loved ones. 
  • Visits to facilities may be appropriate in very limited circumstances with strict protocols in place, and only if a determination is made that lack of an in-person visit will prevent the individual from permanently returning home (DCFS and JJS), or cause significant harm in another way, AND that the visit does not increase the risk for the individual and others in their environment.
    • The decision for an in-person visit should be agreed upon with the Child and Family Team (DCFS or JJS), Person-Centered Planning Team, or other collaborative team working with the individual.  
    • Visitors must go through screening and symptom checking before the visit, including temperature. A log with visitor name, visit date and time, reason for visit, and symptoms checked and temperature must be kept and available for inspection by the health department and DHS.
    • The visit should be held outside whenever possible, and the provider is responsible to ensure that social distancing is maintained.
    • Face coverings are strongly encouraged, and required if the visit cannot be held outside or if social distancing cannot be guaranteed. 
    • Visits using the same protocols as described above may also be appropriate at another location under the direct supervision of staff. 
    • This information is also available on the DHS Provider COVID-19 FAQunder “VISITORS/PUBLIC ACCESS TO FACILITIES.”

Protecting High-Risk Individuals: While Utah has moved to the moderate risk phase, individuals in high-risk categories, including older adults and those who are immunocompromised or have underlying conditions, should continue to follow “high-risk” protocols, and exercise all possible caution. Individuals who work or live with persons in high-risk categories should also continue following “high risk” guidance. 

  • Providers should take extra precaution with individuals in high-risk populations by limiting their close contact with multiple people, including having the same caretakers whenever possible. Individuals caring for or living with a high-risk individual should conduct themselves as if they are a significant risk to the high-risk individual. 
  • In addition, while disability alone may not be related to a higher risk for getting COVID-19 or having severe illness, individuals with limited mobility or who cannot avoid coming into close contact with others, those who have trouble practicing preventative measures such as hand washing and social distancing, and those who may not be able to communicate symptoms of illness may be at higher risk of becoming infected or having unrecognized illness.
  • Please review this information carefully, including this safety checklist to learn more about how to protect your high-risk staff and clients. 

PPE Resources – please select the links below for more information

  • The State of Utah maintains a spreadsheet of vendors with PPE available to purchase
  • PPE Push Packs are available businesses with 50 or fewer employees 
  • The Department of Health recommends this guidance for proper use of PPE and PPE contingencies, especially when caring for individuals with confirmed or suspected COVID-19
Life Launch Centers Clients, Parents, and Families,
We have video capability! Starting next week we will be using DHS Telehealth, a secure video network that will allow us to do groups face to face without the risk of spreading COVID-19. Hopefully this won’t continue for too much longer but we will do our very best to support all the efforts being made to stem the tide of this pandemic and provide the  most effective support to you, our friends and families.
First thing you will need to do is be sure you have either Google Chrome or Firefox downloaded on your computer.
Next, be sure your computer has both a microphone and a camera. 
When group time draws near, you will receive an email that will have a URL link. (Make sure we have a good email address for you) Click on the link and it will take you into the video conference waiting room. At that point you will type in your name and click CONFIRM. You will then wait for the facilitator to bring you into the group. While you wait you have an opportunity to click the “test connection” button. This will run a quick test to ensure that your camera and microphone are working and connected.
When the facilitator brings you in your screen will then give you a view of the group participants.
We may need to work out some bugs so please be patient with us, we will get it worked out.
Thank you for your patience and commitment to this process we are all engaged in. These challenging times are giving some amazing opportunities to test out the new tools and knowledge we are all gaining. Remember, your tools, use them as you navigate your world.
Please call with any questions.
Life Launch Centers