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March 13, 2020


Intensive Outpatient Program & COVID-19

Message from the Executive Director

Life Launch Centers Clients, Parents, and Families,
We have video capability! Starting next week we will be using DHS Telehealth, a secure video network that will allow us to do groups face to face without the risk of spreading COVID-19. Hopefully this won’t continue for too much longer but we will do our very best to support all the efforts being made to stem the tide of this pandemic and provide the  most effective support to you, our friends and families.
First thing you will need to do is be sure you have either Google Chrome or Firefox downloaded on your computer.
Next, be sure your computer has both a microphone and a camera. 
When group time draws near, you will receive an email that will have a URL link. (Make sure we have a good email address for you) Click on the link and it will take you into the video conference waiting room. At that point you will type in your name and click CONFIRM. You will then wait for the facilitator to bring you into the group. While you wait you have an opportunity to click the “test connection” button. This will run a quick test to ensure that your camera and microphone are working and connected.
When the facilitator brings you in your screen will then give you a view of the group participants.
We may need to work out some bugs so please be patient with us, we will get it worked out.
Thank you for your patience and commitment to this process we are all engaged in. These challenging times are giving some amazing opportunities to test out the new tools and knowledge we are all gaining. Remember, your tools, use them as you navigate your world.
Please call with any questions.
Life Launch Centers