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Brain Development

Brain Development Understanding the brain and how it works is key to being able to down regulate emotional distress, overcome the fight, flight, or freeze response and intentionally engage in higher level executive functioning or problem solving. Several parts of the brain are key factors in the production of fear and anxiety. The amygdala and[…]

Emotionally Hijacked

What does a Hijacker do? Basically a hijacker is someone that takes over a vehicle and changes the course of direction to fulfill their own objectives, often at the expense of the passengers on board. You may not realize it, but you’ve most likely experienced this before, maybe not physically, but emotionally. It can be[…]

Always Remember Love

“Always” Always is a powerful word.  Few things in this life are “always.” Many things are “often”, or “almost always,” but truly for something to be “always”, it must be an eternal truth or principle. “Remember” Remember is another incredibly powerful word.  It’s the basis for the entire discipline of historical studies.  Remembering is the[…]