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Is My Kid Just Moody, or Is There a Mental Health Issue?

Anyone who has a teen in their life knows that some moodiness and irritability are unavoidable. With so many physical, psychological, and hormonal changes underway, not to mention adolescent depression because of smartphones, teens tend to be easily irritated. They can be happy and excited in the morning and then full of sadness just hours[…]

Summertime depression mental health counseling

Summertime Depression? 3 Indicators That Your Kid Has It.

As parents, we often think of summer as a carefree time filled with fun and relaxation. However, for many teens and young adults, summer can bring unexpected challenges, including summertime depression. Being aware of the signs and knowing how to support your child can make a significant difference. Here are three indicators that your kid[…]

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Exploring the Effects of Social Media on Teens: The Surgeon General’s Warning

Social media has become an integral part of modern adolescence, but its impact on teenagers is increasingly coming under scrutiny. From mental health concerns to detrimental effects on overall well-being, the influence of social media on teens cannot be overstated. In fact, the Surgeon General has issued a warning about the negative repercussions associated with[…]