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Enhancing Mental Health Impacts on the Learning Environment for Secondary Schools: A Comprehensive Approach

As we approach a new school year, mental health impacts on the learning environment and fostering emotional resilience and character education in secondary schools takes center stage. In a world marked by challenges, it is our responsibility as educators, mental health professionals, and researchers to ensure that our students are equipped with the tools they[…]

One thing for sure to not get your kids for Christmas.

Today’s mental health crisis is still on the rise. Here is one thing for sure to not get your kids for Christmas. Now that black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, many of us are still searching for the perfect gift to make our kids holiday season extra special.  My wife and I have eight[…]

3 Anxiety-Reducing Gifts For the Family this Christmas

You can’t escape it. Christmas is everywhere.  Seems like it creeps into stores and advertising earlier and earlier every year.  This year I noticed on October 30th, big box retailers had already taken down the Halloween products and replaced them with Christmas.  Forget Thanksgiving.  We’ll just skip over November and go straight to the big[…]