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3 Biggest Concerns About Getting Help

3 Biggest Concerns About Getting Help

The Irony

You want help overcoming anxiety and depression, but even the thought of actually getting help onsets anxiety and depression. We hear this all the time, and it’s so fun to see the growth and success of families once they realize these 3 things.


Almost everyone experiences a little anxiousness when they are put into a new group. Well, there are those social butterflies that seem to thrive on that, but most of us just get butterflies in the stomach at the very thought of being put in a room with a bunch of people we don’t know. So how does the magic of group work? Well it has to do with that awesome little neurotransmitter we all crave called Oxytocin. Our brains produce Oxytocin when we have human to human, face to face, deep meaningful discussion and interactions. Think about the rising generation. They’re being raised in a time when they DON’T HAVE TO interact socially. There are alternative digital methods of interacting, that absolutely don’t produce Oxytocin. They actually produce the short term happy addictive neurotransmitter called dopamine. So today we have to intentionally choose human interaction to satisfy our body’s need for Oxytocin, whereas in previous generations society simply gave it to us. It has now become something we have to train ourselves

The good news is that once you get through the door the first time, you’ll find group is your favorite way to do counseling. You don’t even have to say anything. Everyone else says it for you, you find you’re not alone in your struggles, and before you know it, you feel safe and excited to share your own feelings.

2. Counseling Costs So Much $$

The good news is that you’ve probably already paid for treatment. Insurance companies have realized the importance of mental health and most policies include coverage. It does have to be through a qualified provider like Life Launch Centers who is CARF accredited, but all you have to do is ask.

Check this out. Run the numbers with me. Traditional one on one counseling averages $125 for 1 hour session every week. Half the time with the counselor is spent catching up on what happened over the week. The rest of the time is spent maybe actually doing some emotional work. That’s $500 per month. Most people get frustrated because this can go on for years left feeling like you’ve made little to no progress and spent upwards of $10K.

What you really need is a more intensive approach. Like a class you could learn these emotional tools in just a few months and then be able to self manage and use these tools the rest of your life. Thats the IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) of Life Launch Centers. You come 3-4 times per week to a 2 hour group learning and practicing these emotional tools. Learn them once, use them for a lifetime. Oh and how awesome that your health insurance paid for it too.

3. What will the Jonses Think?

Let’s face it, there has been a stigma against people struggling with mental health, but the question today is, “WHO ISN’T STRUGGLING WITH MENTAL HEALTH?” Right?

With the CDC reporting that 1 in 3 kids has anxiety, everyone knows someone that deals with overwhelming anxiety. The sad thing is that over 80% of those kids never get help. By the way it’s not something that you just grow out of. It’s kind of like learning to read. It’s not like you just learn to read because you get older. You have to learn the principles and put in the time practicing. It’s the same with emotional resilience. You don’t just get stronger emotionally because you get older, but if you learn the principles and start putting them into practice, eventually you’ll become a master of your emotions.

So to heck with the Jonses! Who cares what others think. The reality is that the Jonses most likely have a kid struggling with anxiety too, and once you get help for your kid, maybe the Jonses will too, and then maybe we’ll start getting somewhere with getting the upcoming generation the psychological help they need.