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Always Remember Love

Always Remember Love


Always is a powerful word.  Few things in this life are “always.” Many things are “often”, or “almost always,” but truly for something to be “always”, it must be an eternal truth or principle.


Remember is another incredibly powerful word.  It’s the basis for the entire discipline of historical studies.  Remembering is the foundation of learning, growing, improving and being wise.


Love is one of the most beautiful, powerful and completely misunderstood words in society.  The world would have you believe that love is the feeling you get when you’re attracted to someone, or that it’s some involuntary feeling forced upon you.

I came upon the true definition of love as a 14 year old boy.  Emily was everything I admired in a young lady.  Fun, cute, sweet, adventurous.  She was perfect in my mind.  And guess what, she like me too, for about 5 seconds, until she met my best friend David.  It killed me that she like him.  Any sane person would have realized that there are plenty of other fish in the sea and would have moved on.  But no, for years I held on to the dream that one day I might end up with Emily.

I was attracted to her for sure, but that wasn’t love.  I came to realize that I actually cared more about her happiness than my own happiness.  This became apparent when she and David would have relationship problems.  Since I was her best friend and even though it pained me to do so, I would help them overcome their relationship problems simply so that she would be happy, even if it meant that I was lonely and unhappy.  5 years this went on.  I kept asking myself why I would do this to myself.  Why not just let them break up, and then finally I would have my chance.  I guess I did it because I was supposed to learn the true meaning of love.

I’ve come to realize that love is synonymous with sacrifice, and it is a choice.  You choose who to sacrifice for, and when you do, you will love them.  It is also a truth that if there is someone in your life that you should love, like a parent or sibling, if you sacrifice for them or serve them, you will grow to love them.  And the beautiful truth is that happiness is the returning effect of that sacrifice.

“Always Remember Love” is one of the most powerful combination of words ever.  Essentially it means:

It is an Eternal principle that the foundation of learning and improving is by sacrificing for others, and happiness is the outcome.