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"My husband and I tell parents about Life Launch all the time and how it saved our relationship with our daughter and saved her life. We appreciate and value your mission and dedication to helping teens and parents gain the resources and tools to succeed at home and in the rest of their lives."

~ Laura



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Resilience Counseling

Talk to a counselor to overcome anxiety, depression, suicide, trauma and more.

Online Resilience

Free & Paid Resources to start learning the power of emotional resilience NOW!

Licensing Resilience

Out of the Box Therapy model to help your clients build lasting emotional resilience.

Life Launch Centers have helped thousands of people overcome anxiety & depression.


Start Building your Resilience with The Most Powerful Curriculum

The Life Launch Centers Resilience Model©

…utilizes the most current brain research combined with elements of evidence based intervention models like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and concepts of the Daring Way© and Rising Strong© curriculum based on Brené Brown’s resilience research. Our model for building resilience is easy to teach and implement. The model is very portable and effective with all ages and almost all circumstances.

Having reduced emotional distress to a level where the frontal cortex, executive function, can come back online, we are now able to interpret current events in a rational way. With access to executive function we can engage in the prescribed steps of problem solving: Identify the problem, state the problem using only facts leaving out the “stories in my head”, brainstorm all possible solutions, evaluate possible solutions, implement alternatives, and evaluate the outcome.

We all experience crises in our lives. Sometimes these crises are big, like a divorce, a death, a layoff, failing school, or a break up. Sometimes these crises are small, like traffic, a long line at check out, or not knowing what to wear that day. Distress tolerance skills help us get to a more manageable emotional place for crisis survival. An important aspect of emotion regulation is understanding that painful emotions are not bad, or something that must be avoided. They are a normal part of life, but there are ways to acknowledge and then let go of these feelings so that one is not controlled by them.

Being able to recognize what is going on around us and inside our head enhances our ability to observe rather than react to upsetting events and negative feelings, allowing us to respond with greater wisdom and effectiveness. This creates what we call the “miracle moment”. When we become aware, we then have agency and can choose to act rather than be acted upon.

The human brain requires connection with others. It is essential to vitality, health, life duration, and even survival itself. Brain research is showing that feeling isolated or lonely increases our risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, disability, cognitive decline, dementia, depression, and suicide. While holding tightly to our values and goals it is important to identify those traits, behaviors, and qualities in others that can help us safely connect. Resilience includes knowing when and how to reach out to others for help in meeting the challenges we face.

Our mental and physical ability to cope with challenges depends on life balance. Life balance requires:

  • Tending to our own needs and feelings.
  • Taking care of physical illness.
  • Participating in activities and hobbies we enjoy.
  • Including physical activity in our daily routine.
  • Getting plenty of sleep.
  • Taking care of our nutrition by eating regularly.
  • Practicing stress management and relaxation techniques, such as yoga, meditation, guided imagery, deep breathing or prayer.

“The days of intimidating & confusing Therapy are finally over!”

Are You Suffering From...

Take Advantage of Our Premiere Mental Health Resources and Begin the Healing Today!


> a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome


> feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy for many consecutive weeks


> the practice of cutting or otherwise wanting to harm oneself


> when social media, gaming, pornography, or any type of media inhibits healthy behavior


> to face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, especially successfully or in a calm or adequate manner


> having a strong feeling of or showing annoyance, displeasure, or hostility; full of anger


Life Launch Centers are different than most therapeutic service providers.  We specialize in helping you build long lasting emotional resilience by using all of today’s most powerful psychology principles, from DBT to Neuroscience, CBT, Resilience Research and more.

The Life Launch Centers Resilience Model© curriculum has helped thousands of individuals overcome their mental health challenges and successfully launch into life. In the short time they are with us, clients report up to a 70% reduction in overwhelming emotional episodes.

In-Person Services


Intensive Outpatient Program is where most clients see the progress they’re looking for.

It’s like the college course for mental health.  A 12 week course where each week includes:

  • 3 Group Leaning Sessions
  • 1 Individual Session
  • 1 Parent Group

This is the premiere program for healing and is covered by most health insurance.

depression treatment centers


Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly Individual Therapy Sessions.

This specialty program is effective for clients with mild anxiety, depression or suicidal ideation.  This level of care is intended for long-term ongoing maintenance after more intensive services have been completed and has much less support than the IOP.

If you’re looking to make progress, the IOP is for sure the best option for you.  

depression treatment centers

Parent Groups

Supporting the entire family is crucial to sustaining emotional growth.

That’s why we’ve prepared a variety of resources for families to give you everything needed to improve the over all emotional environment of your home, including:

  • Online Resilience Lessons
  • Emotional Worksheets
  • Emotional Resilience App
  • Parent Group Night

“Don’t wait until the last second when your world is crashing in. Just go for it.  Just reach out and ask for help because it’s so worth it…cuz now I get to be a confident girl that loves life instead of hating life and hating myself.  So do it, go for it!”


“Our kid…wanted to commit suicide…These tools are what made all the difference with it.!”

Bryan - Concerned Father

Happy customers

“Watching my daughter transform was…I can’t even put it into words how amazing it is…This program completely changed the way she handled life where she could now accomplish so many things”

Andria - Concerned Mother

“It’s been 2 or 3 years for me and it’s changed my life so much.  I still think about how awesome Life Launch is and all the lessons I learned there…It will change your life for the better!”


“I came here to get a better understanding of myself and why I am and who I am…All I can say is it has changed my life for the better and I don’t know what I would do without Life Launch Centers.”


Your life,
Our answers

Explore our services & products to learn more about how you can start building resilience today.


The Life Launch Centers Resilience Model© curriculum is one of a kind. It applies all of the most powerful evidence-based principles in psychology.  So you’re not just getting DBT, or CBT, or Neuroscience.  You get them all, plus more.

  1. Call us to talk with a specialist now
  2. We’ll verify your insurance coverage
  3. Schedule the assessment and start the program

Most of the frustration in cost of counseling comes from parents doing 1 of 2 things wrong.

  1. Start with too low a level of care, going to therapy 1 hour a week, and progress dragging out over 1-2 years.  This often costs families $125 per week, out of pocket, totaling over $12K.
  2. Waiting to long to get help and the loved one needing residential or acute levels of care that often cost over $10K per month! Yikes!

Don’t do this.  Treatment doesn’t have to cost you this much.  Most health insurance plans include an IOP benefit, so the most you’ll pay for treatment is the amount of your insurance deductible.  Well call and verify your insurance benefits to minimize any out-of-pocket costs to you.

BE FULLY ENGAGED as a family in the treatment process by attending family group, watching the online lessons, and utilizing the Resilience App. Be vulnerable and open to the process, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to request a meeting or session with the therapist.The more you put into the program, the more you and your family will be strengthened and connected.

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